Funny Quotes From Estate Agents, And What They Really Mean!

Sell Sell Sell!

Oh, estate agents. Along with car salesmen they probably have the worst reputation for coming out with ludicrous and questionable sales patter, even though they must surely know that the prospective buyer knows they are full of it.
Yet still they persist, and you have to admire them for doing so, although if they were on a market stall you would have thought they would have cut their losses, packed up and gone home by now.

What are some of the typical quotes and uses of language from estate agents, and what do they really mean?

Viewing Recommended

Viewing is always highly recommended when you look at property ads, isn’t it? Which is funny, because I never thought to look at property before buying or renting it. I just view the adverts and say “I’ll take it” without ever viewing it, then just taking it as I find it.
Why view when going in blind is clearly more desirable?

A Popular Area

This is a sure sign things are getting desperate, when they continue to list a home or tell you it is in a “highly popular area” despite being listed for the last six months. Actually questioning agents’ on this is highly amusing as they often do not have an answer, especially as they do not want to bite the hand that feeds by admitting that the price is too high.
Always be suspicious of a house in a popular area – why is it still listed?

Benefits From

Have you ever noticed that adverts for property always list the house as “benefiting from” having certain things inside it? What particularly draws my ire is when the home benefits from things such as a kitchen, lounge and garden. The house benefits from this? If those basic features that every home should have are the benefits then I would hate to see what the normal bits are like.
If the house benefitted from a basement gym, high-tech laboratory or Formula One testing track, then fair enough. A garden and a kitchen are not benefits.

Mature Gardens

While on the subject of gardens, mature gardens are always something you should try and dig deeper into. In my experience this generally means that the garden is overgrown to Amazonian proportions and is going to take some time to sort out. At the same time it could mean there is an old oak tree at the end of its life which is going to require a considerable home insurance premium and repairs due to receding roots!
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