Furnish Your House For Free

Loads of things buzz around your head when you’re looking for a new place to live. Will it be clean-enough? Cheap-enough? Friendly-enough?
Enough. One big thing that people worry about, especially if they’re renting, is whether or not the house comes furnished. Often it’s not and sometimes even when it is the sofas, tables and beds are so sickening that they would look more at home at a squat party. The truth is that when you’re moving somewhere new, you always need to get some kind of new furniture and furniture ain’t cheap, unless you know where to find it!

Image: by BFSMan

This article will give you a sure fire way of furnishing you’re house quickly, painlessly and, most importantly, without spending hardly any money at all.
Avoid IKEA
It used to be the case that people thought of IKEA and immediately thought of inspirational, chic Swedish furniture but all that has changed. Students now plod around the store picking up almost every piece of generic furniture or lighting set and this has made IKEA completely faceless and un-inspirational. Plus the meatballs aren’t even that good.
The real kick in the teeth with IKEA though, is that it masquerades around as a ‘cheap’ place to buy. However, by the time you’ve gone through the bed section, over the kitchen accessories, round the rug department, past the fire breathing dragon and rescued the princess, you’re shopping trolley is so full with stuff you didn’t even come in for and you’ve gone WAY over budget.
And that won’t do.
Get on Gumtree
Gumtree.co.uk should be your first port of call when you’re thinking about furniture. A simple Google search of ‘Gumtree Freebies + your location’ will show you exactly what people are giving away in your area. And more often than not the stuff on offer is fantastic. As well, you can go and check it out beforehand and decide whether or not it matches your bohemian style. If you have one, that is.

The main thing to say about gumtree, though, is that if the furniture’s free then you will probably have to pick it up and take it away yourself. So make sure you’re prepared. There is nothing worse than lugging a three piece suite up a hill to find it doesn’t even fit through your door. Free or not, that’ll hurt.

Image: by StuartFrisby

The Free Cycle Net-works!
Free Cycle Network operates in exactly the same way as Gumtree in the sense that you can get stuff for free. However, with Free Cycle you have to join a group in your area and, before you can do that, you need to be accepted by an existing member.
To get you’re membership approved maybe make an impassioned plea about the state of your current residence on your application form or perhaps find someone who already is a member and get them to approve you. Anyway once you’re in, you’re in for life and, what’s more, you can then get some real quality furniture. I had a friend who got a four poster bed complete with a memory foam mattress off a guy who was moving to India and had no use for it anymore!
Charity Shopping
Buying from a charity shop is a no brainer. Not only are getting quality stuff for knock down prices, but you’re doing your bit for the world. Charity shops are ideal for all those miscellaneous items like plates, contemporary wall lights and egg cups (?) that, in some ways, really make a house a home.
So by following these steps you will be able to furnish your house cheaply and easily. Your place won’t look like some dull, generic Stepford Wives style home and every piece of furniture might have its own story to tell.

Comment below and let us know if you have any other tips!

Estelle Page is a thirty something interior designer, loving life with her husband and two wonderful children. She loves a home revamp, so you’ll often find her taking in the scenery at a local garden show or being inspired by the antiques and decor at a nearby National Trust home. She currently blogs for Luma Lighting.