Furniture Pieces For A Modern Living Room Renovation

Modern style is a stripped-down, minimalist approach to design. Modernism favours clean, horizontal lines, neutral colours, and a formal and controlled approach to organisation. Anything that might create a cluttered look is tucked away. Colour, texture and organic forms are used sparingly, as accents.
Modern living rooms can work impressively in both old and new homes. In an older home with rich architectural detail, the subtlety of a modern living room will let the beauty of the architecture shine through. In a newer building, a modern living room can reflect and enhance the style of its surroundings.
Shelves and Cabinetry

Is your living room also a storage space for books and other media? A modern room should never look crowded or cluttered. In modernism, everything has a purpose. Form follows function.
Take an integrated approach to storage. Modular storage systems can hide messy looking collections and display accent pieces. Choose a single system or coordinated pieces in a neutral colour or a rich, high quality material like solid hardwood. Any distinctive aspect of the design should relate to the function of the piece.

Modernist sofas and chairs feature straight, clean lines and are often low to the ground. Although most seating in this style is upholstered in neutral colours, solid primary colours can add impact. Modernism can be pop-art, Mies Van Der Rohe, or Swedish-modern; it can be bright and bold, unremittingly minimalist, or a rationalist style that emphasises high quality materials.

A functional living room needs a coffee table, and perhaps side tables as well. Look for clean lines and choose pure design over ornamentation. A modern coffee table may have a glass top, and it may incorporate metal or wood. Modern side tables may be set carefully in their places, or they may be modern-style nesting tables, to be separated and set in place when they’re needed.
Rugs and Carpets

In a modern living room, the carpet or rug can be a minimalist element in a solid neutral, or it can be an accent piece. A white rug or carpet is a classic modern touch, if you’re brave. Alternatively, choose a floor covering with a graphic, abstract pattern or design. Like the room itself, the rug should be rendered in neutrals, with perhaps just a bit of colour as an accent.

Buying a modern-style hanging ceiling fixture as an accent piece is certainly something to consider. However, the most important thing to ask yourself when considering the lighting for a modern living room is: “Where do I need light?” Track lighting and recessed lighting are popular in modern design. Track lights can emphasise your art and your accent pieces, and recessed lighting is simple and functional.
Whatever furniture and other design elements you choose for your modern living room, the most important thing to do is plan ahead. Measure and sketch before buying. Pay attention to proportions and placement. To be truly modern, a living room needs to be well planned and rationally proportioned.
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