Future Development- Impart The Skills Of Decision Making In Teens

Future Development- Impart The Skills Of Decision Making In Teens

Parents are often scared and usually decide not to put any responsibilities on their young teens as they are considered not “liable” enough. They mostly put the blame on their teens in scenarios when things go wrong or produce undesirable results. They ask questions such as what was he thinking, or where was his mind during this work? Some parents fail to understand and realize that they are partially accountable for the production of the negative end results. If parents, teach their teens the right values from the very beginning, then they would have matured and be responsible enough from the very start. This results in lack of confidence and poor decision making skills. Some teens do struggle at some point of their lives to conduct a proper method of decision making, so that they can produce some constructive results, but again fail to do so despite of their constant practices. The reason behind this is that they pass judgments way too quickly without assessing and weighing the pros and cons of a situation. This entire concept is known as decision making; teens are unable to cope with the tight deadline and then, eventually decide on something that may not be that successful and profitable. Similarly, these teens might fail or miss the mark due to their poor decision making capabilities, for example, they might not do well in exams, in projects or different task allotted to them. Parents should apprehend the importance of such skill, as decision making leads to good and better grades in school period and ultimately leads towards a better career as it is the basis of every job.


A teen can only be successful enough, in terms of decision making when they are allotted and given some sort of autonomy. This does not mean that they should be given the complete authority of the house, but some small activities should be carried out by them as it helps them in creating a more responsible adult.

Assistance and Guidance

Make sure that despite of giving some autonomy to your teens, you are always available for adult supervision. They might go wrong and might hurt themselves in some scenarios, hence develop a habit of constantly directing them. Do give them independence and freedom, but a little help never hurts anyone. Apart from house chores, let them do their homework all alone in seclusion, but do give a peak by assisting them in projects and tasks which includes an Academic presentation as well.

Set Standards

As parents, do set standards for them. Making them responsible enough to carry out their own decisions does not mean that you guarantee them complete freedom rather, do keep a check on them, set standards and limitations for them in terms of rules.


Lastly, if your teen is not confident enough, he or she may lack the element of decision making in them. You can impart the right values by giving them a boost and a push on the back. Do it from the very beginning before your child reaches the teenage.

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