Game Designing Is Fun

Game Designing Is Fun

Since tour childhood, you must have wished of designing a game yourself. And in the current life, it has become a new trend. Not only playing video games but even a desire to make one has been a dream once. The reason it is so exciting of making a video game because it’s completely up to you, how you want it to be. If you want it to be a mystery game, or action game, or even adventurous, etc. The better you make the game, the greater its size will get. In present scenario, Action games like shooting or gunfight are at their zenith because it’s trending.

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People today prefer multiplayer games as they are competitive. Most people think that making a big game takes a lot of time and effort but actually it’s not. If you just love to play video games in your leisure time (mostly), then you are already at the stage of becoming a video game designer. There is a person in the game industry known as the Game Tester. His work is to play a game assigned to him for a long time. People have a misconception about this person that he can switch between games if he wants to.

Actually, it’s wrong, the game tester has to play that game for 6 months and take out all the bugs and flaws in it and fix them instantly before launching it globally. It’s pretty simple if you are a game tester. All you have to do is, play the game, then find the problems occurring in the game like animation, design, programming, art, audio. Then you have to report that issue and the rest will be taken care of by the game developers. After that, you have to play the game again to assure there is no problem or bug left.

According to research, at the end of the project, you can face even 10000 bugs. Now getting on the most important player, The Game Designer. We all accept the fact that there is an SFX engineer or music composer but they are not the ones to decide about the game experience while playing. If we consider a first-person perspective or FPP game, then there are a lot of things to keep in mind like what type of guns should be there? Or how big the magazine of a particular gun should be? Or what should be the rate of fire? Should it fire faster or slower? Or how much damage will one bullet give? Etc. Just not it, the game designer also has to keep an eye on map designing because the objects like cars, barrels, walls, dustbins etc. It makes the game fun.

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It’s fun because the game becomes quite more strategic to play whether it’s a team deathmatch or a bomb-defusing mission. Also, a game designer is not to make a simple shooting or adventure game rather a game with new concepts. Gamers love when there is a new mode to play in. Furthermore, the designer uses 10% of his mind to come up with great ideas and the remaining 90% is all based on executing the same. Also, if you want some more information, you can refer to the Chicago insert stage and Midwest video design.

Hence, we conclude that there are various components that make video games entertaining. For instance, SFX engineer, music composer, graphics designer, and a game designer. These are the people responsible for making the game. Then comes the game tester, this person is responsible for playing the game for a long time and to find out the errors or bugs in the animation, or audio, art, or programming, etc.

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