Gas Guru: Never Pay Too Much For Gas Again

Filling up the gas tank is a part of life for those who drive a vehicle. If you have ever filled up your tank, only to see that gas was several cents cheaper at another gas station, you will want to download the free Gas Guru app immediately. This simple application provides users with a simple was to find the cheapest gas in their area, which can easily add up to big savings over the course of the long haul. Not only can Gas Guru help you to find cheap gas for your car, but it is also a fully-fledged roadside assistant, telling you about restaurants, shops, and ATMs in the immediate vicinity.

Developed by, Gas Guru can be used in a multitude of different was. The first way that the app user might elect to the use the app is to program in frequently visited locations, looking for gas in those areas. For example, someone who commutes to the office each day would likely want to enter both his home address and his office as frequent locations. Using this information, he can check the prices at these locations with just the simple touch of a finger, making it easy to see whether it is more cost efficient to fill up near home or the office.
In addition to using Gas Guru for gas in your local area, this app is a powerful resource for travelers who often find themselves on the open road. Taxes on gasoline vary greatly from region to region, as does the disparity between the oil prices paid. This can make it incredibly difficult to guess as to what prices may be in another area. If you are on the road and know you have some time, you may wish to use Gas Guru to see where gas will be cheapest for you. This will help you to cut down on your travel costs, even in an area that you are otherwise unfamiliar with.
Not only does the app provide users with a quick glance and the prices of the gas to be found in those locations, but it can also give detailed information such as what grades of gas are available and tell when the gas price was last updated. If the app user is unaware as to where the gas location is, the app can also provide directions to the gas station.
While finding the cheapest gas available in a particular area is the first priority of the free Gas Guru app, it can also assist in finding other businesses nearby. If you are need of some cash or your car needs assistance, look for an auto repair shop or ATM that won’t divert you from the path you are traveling. Of course, if you plan to use this app in the car, you will either want to pull over or have someone else in your vehicle conduct such searches, avoiding the potential for driver distraction that could lead to an accident.
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