Geared For The Great Outdoors

Geared For The Great Outdoors

Getting outside for recreation is the favorite activity of many families when spring arrives.  Festivals beckon, farmer’s markets spring up, and as the earth thaws from record cold and snow, folks tend to look around for any reason to get out in nature.  Of course, many already belong to sports and recreational clubs so getting into the routine is easy.  For others, this is the year they finally get going on that New Year’s resolution to get moving, lose weight and bond with the family.  This can be really hard on those who can barely put their mobile phones down for dinner, let alone a weekend hiking trails and camping out, but once in the open, they are usually glad they did.

If you are an experienced hiker, back packer or just a novice, if you need supplies for any of your outdoor activities try using Groupon to search for what you need at Columbia.  They specialize in gear for the whole family.  The benefit of using Groupon to shop is that you’ll find lots of coupon codes and promotional deals that will save you money on all the items on your must-have list.  No matter if your trek takes you to the tough mountain climbs in Columbia, or white water rafting in the Columbia river, you’ll find it easy to order your supplies online using Groupon.  The deals are really easy to get, you just use the app on your phone to order the items you want.  There are no subscription fees, membership fees or coupons to clip and bring to the store.  And with deals changing frequently, you’ll want to sign up for push notifications so you can act fast.

Depending on whether you want to be warm, dry, cool or protected, you’ll find saving on the signature line of clothing that fits your needs, and with as much as 65% off their clothing, and you can get free ground shipping.  That’s an awesome way to keep your resolution.

They carry the top brands in men’s and women’s apparel and also stock lots of merch for kids.  From head to hiking boot toe, you’ll find quality apparel at great prices, and tons of gear.  They take pride in being an industry leader providing outdoor apparel and products that are all #testedtough.  So search Groupon for deals on the latest accessories from Columbia, and get out there.  Way out there.

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