General Knowledge For The Furniture Protection

General Knowledge For The Furniture Protection

In daily lives, housewives have to frequently do the cleaning and protection for the furniture to keep it shine. But you may not know that some wrong cleaning and protection way may cause potential damage to the furniture, though can keep the furniture clean temporarily. With the time goes by, your furniture may undertake the irretrievable problems. What are the right ways to clean and protect furniture? 

Dedust for the Furniture

Furniture collects dust every day. Therefore, it needs to be cleaned. As to the surface of the solid wood furniture, you had better use clean soft cotton cloth. Keep in minds that do not use sponge or kitchen utensil cleaning equipment to scrub your furniture. When cleaning the dust, please use the twist dry cotton cloth, for the wet cloth can reduce friction. At the same time, it is helpful for reducing the absorption the dust of static electricity. But avoid keeping the moister on the furniture. You may scrub it again by the dry cloth. 

Clean the Furniture

In order to clean the surface dirty, melody home suggests you use special furniture detergent. This kind of agent is helpful for removing the extra wax. It does not have any adverse reaction.

Wax for the Furniture

You are not only required to clean the dust, but also have to do the protection work for the wood furniture by waxing. In this way, you can keep the aesthetic feeling for the appearance. Melody home suggests you that you use the special solid wood wax for the protection. Besides, do not choose the lustering agent with silicon resin, for the silicon resin may break the paint layer by softening and clog the wood pore, which may cause problem for the mending. Though there is no damage for waxing frequently, melody home suggests you that one year a time or two is enough. Two frequent may affect the appearance of the paint.

Matters Need Attention

First, the clean cloth has to be clean. When one side of the cloth is dirty, you should turn to another side. If you keep on using the dirty side, the dust will repeatedly rub on the surface of the furniture, which may break the luster layer.

Second, you had better choice the right protection agent. The waxing is suitable for the wood, polyester, paint and fire proof board furniture. The protection agent is suitable for mixed material furniture and glass furniture. If you may use the agent which has clean and protection function at the same time, it can save people a lot of time. Visit here to find more about the dream bedrooms decoration ideas.