Generate Huge Revenue By Pre-Rented Property

pre leased commercial property in Noida

The thought of rental revenue has rapidly engrossed the imagination of the investors in India, specifically the ones present in the metro cities. There are various avenues where such imagination can be true also. The investors put in their wealth in a property with the aim to lease it out and take home huge dividends. In relation to retail investors, they make mostly investment in residential properties because of the low availability of finances. The elevated costs and very expensive interest rates dissuade them from making the investment because they generate meager yearly revenue.

On the other hand ultra high net individuals or UHNIs tend to purchase commercial properties that happen to be in demand and provide elevated yearly rental revenue. There can be seen high demand from BFSI segments, corporate, and IT segments which can be counted to be 60 – 70 percent of the entire demand. But residential properties offer only 3 to 6 percent as rental revenue, and commercial assets provide elevated rental revenue of 9 – 15 percent. That is why pre leased commercial property in Noida is being purchased without delay by the investors.

Preleased Commercial Properties Have High Returns

It is not a bit doubtful that real estate has turned to be attractive for UHNIs. A large portion of investments is invested in properties such as a piece of land, or commercial properties for instance already built industrial warehouses and workplaces. Ultra high net individuals having the net worth of huge amount with an array of Rs twenty-five crores to Rs hundred crore or it can be higher authorize wealth management houses to get grade” A” property. UHNIs are very eager to buy pre rented commercial property for sale in Noida so that they can sell it at high costs.

The preleased commercial properties offer immovable returns. Here, the main objective is to hire out to better tenants, reap returns for a span of 3 to 5 years. After that make an exit with fair to high fund gratitude.

There happen primarily two sorts of commercial properties. The premium one is called leasehold which is usually provided by some government organization. They may be rented out to the purchaser normally for a span of ninety-nine years which can be extended for more time. You in actuality purchase rights to make use of the property but you do not own it. In short, you happen to purchase a property without being the owner of the property. The purchaser has got restricted rights on what should be done with the property.

One more kind of property makes freehold property. Here you are the master of the property and also land on which it has been built. It provides the owner with extra responsibility and right. In India, a lot of the pre-leased commercial deals take place over freehold ground.

Commercial properties taken by multinational organizations such as investment banks, foreign banks, etc. or it can be domestic firms, for example, IT or ITeS units, BPOs produce elevated rental revenue.