Generic vs. Brand Prescriptions – How To Know What Is Best For You

With the economy continuing to struggle, many New York families are finding ways to make cutbacks to their monthly expenses. One area where this has proven to be extremely challenging has been with medications. Companies such as Big Apple Rx have provided New York residents with easy ways to get lower prices on their medications. Still, many people debate whether they should go with the generic or brand name drugs.

Here are a few pros and cons to help you decide.

Generic Pros:

  • Cheaper prices

Many people tend toward the generic brands, particularly for their lower prices. This, used in combination with discount prescription drug cards, can lead to significant savings for a household.

  • Same ingredients

While this may be true for many brands, it is not true for all brands. It is important to check the labels and compare closely to ensure that the generic medication you are taking is in fact the same.

Generic Cons:

  • Reduced efficacy

In some cases, these medications can have reduced effects. While they may have the same active ingredients, the amount of these active ingredients can be reduced, leaving you with fewer results.

Brand Name Pros:

  • Trusted results

When you use a brand name, you know the quality and strength of the medication that you are taking. This allows you to have more confidence that there will be no discrepancy of the efficacy of the ingredients when you put the drugs in the body, and you can trust the results you will get.

  • Discounts through programs

Many families avoid brand name medications because of the high price. However, NYC discount pharmacies accept programs that offer lower prices on brand name medicine so the cost to families can be reduced. For many brand names, these lower prices are honored, making them cheaper for families.

Brand Name Cons:

  • No other options

Many brand names do not sell their formulas or make them public enough that they can be turned into a generic brand. For this reason, they are able to charge higher prices forcing the customers to have no other option than to purchase their brand name. This can cause difficulty and frustration among consumers.

The debate over whether generic or brand name medication is best is one that has been going on for a long time. In general, it depends on the type of medicine, as well as the severity of the issue that is being treated to determine which is best.

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