Get In Touch With A Perfect Place To Start Your Career As A Diver

Get In Touch With A Perfect Place To Start Your Career As A Diver

Diving as a career is the best suitable for individuals who are fearless and love the depths of an ocean. It requires a lot of passion and hard work as well as great endurance power. If you think, you have these qualities and you are ready to make it big in the competitive world, joining a good academy with excellent facilities remains the prime concern. However, if you are a resident of United States of America, you can avail world class facilities to learn diving at Divers Academy International located in New Jersey. The academy is in fact a perfect place to learn the lessons and get the hands-on experience that are much needed to have a successful career as a professional diver.

Know About the Diving Programs Available

The programs offered by Divers Academy International are wonderful and covers every aspect of diving so that it can meet the industry demands brilliantly. Emphasis is always on including a set of new skills that can prove beneficial to have a successful career in diving. The programs are as follows:

  • Commercial Diving Training program also known as Professional Commercial Diving Technology Program (International DCBC-Unrestricted Certification) is of a 900 hours duration and an advanced program. It is designed so that both offshore and inshore career goals can be met fantastically. The training is offered both on-site within the campus at New Jersey and at the deep dive quarry of Divers Academy International in Allentown. The quarry is the deepest dive quarry leaned for imparting training in the U.S. Those who successfully qualify the program often go for the DCBC Canadian Unrestricted International Commercial Dive Certification.

The other training programs of the academy are Underwater Welding Training and Underwater Construction. Scuba programs are the latest offering of the reputed academy running since many decades. Even beginners with no prior experience of diving can enroll their names in this program which is duly certified by the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI). It should be noted that NAUI has the industry reputation of a NGO that promotes safe diving and has set the high standards for scuba training as well as diving.

Enrollment Procedure in the Diving Program

There is a specific procedure by which any individual can enroll his or her name in the diving program of Divers Academy International. Apart from personal information like name, address, date of birth, marital status, contact number and many more, you need to furnish the educational background, military background (if any) and contact person whom the academy can contact in case of any emergency. There is also other information that the academy seeks from every application choosing the diving program.

So, if you are seriously thinking about a career as a diver, enroll yourself in the best of training facility and that which can have the best of safety norms while training its students. With qualified teachers at the academy, there is little doubt that you will not progress further in your career.