Get Organized With Labels

You might be surprised to learn that most professional organizers hardly use their portable label machines. People looking to organize their lives purchase label machines and find that they are not as simple as they look. The truth is that they require a lot of effort if you’re going to make just a label or two and the learning curve is steep for some machines. This is why you’ll find label machines are sometimes tucked into an out of reach corner in most homes or offices.

That doesn’t say that you cannot make great labels to get organized around your home or office. Here are some great ways to use labels to get organized.

Hang Tags

Hang tags are useful in many circumstances. Basic tags with the strings attached can work wonders when labeling wicker baskets, wire shelving and clothes in your closet. Use a sharpie to hand-write the labels. Color coded labels or sharpies makes for even greater organization.

Decorative Tags

Some organizers prefer something more decorative than plain labels. You can pay a little more for decorative labels in different colors and sizes, or use some creativity to dress up plain labels. This way you can customize your labels exactly the way you want. You can either use the taped or tied versions depending on where you plan to use the labels. For glass jars and such, taped tags are obviously the best option. Tied tags are great for shelving, baskets and to mark off certain areas. Use a coordinating sparkly pen to write on the labels.

Post-It Notes

Don’t forget the handy post it notes. These are great for labeling on the go. Use them to keep yourself organized when you’re working on a project. They make great timeline markers when you use color coding to identify specific aspects of the project. You can also use them as reminders around the home or office. Get post it notes in your favorite colors and size for a cheery way to keep organized.

Popsicle Sticks

Instead of throwing out used Popsicle sticks, put them to good use. The make for good markers in the garden. It’s sometimes easy to forget what you planted and where you planted it. Write the types of seed that you planted using an indelible marker and stick them next to the plant. This way you’ll be able to identify the different herbs in your herb garden.

Return Address Labels

To use return address labels on envelopes only is to limit their benefits. Use them on all your items that are likely to get lost or misplaced when you take them out. For instance, use them as labels on your children’s bags, lunch bags or toys. You can also tag your eyewear cases, luggage, laptop bag, containers that you take to the bake sale, etc. Apply a piece of clear packing tape over the label to prevent wear and tear.

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