Get The Children Outdoors This Summer

Summer has really sprung upon us, after weeks of rain and being stuck indoors, the sun is out, it’s warm and bright and time to spend some time outdoors. Many families are staying home for the summer vacation, so encouraging the children to spend time in the fresh air when at home is important.

Being outdoors in the fresh air is fun for children. They love to ride bikes, play games and can entertain themselves for hours, enabling you to sit back and relax with a good book in the sunshine.
Here are a couple of fun things to do in the garden with the children this summer.
Swimming Pool
Most gardens in the UK are compact, so having a swimming pool installed is not always the most practical solution; it’s also a really expensive option.  You can get blow up paddling pools which will be just as much fun for the kids, letting them cool off and have some fun on a hot day.
These pools come in various sizes and can be packed away when not in use, enabling you to make the most of your garden space. If you like you can even pop on the sprinkler and let them run through that or buy a water slide, a piece of durable plastic where they run and slide along it as the water flows. All great fun games to be played in the garden this summer.
Other Fun Outdoor Games
There are so many games available in the stores that are outside games from riding bicycles and scooters to playing bowling games, tennis and even cricket or soccer. Having games available will keep the children busy for hours, especially when they have friends over.
Of course being out in the sun comes with a range of benefits and disadvantages, as long as they wear a hat and are smothered in sunscreen; there is absolutely no reason why they can’t spend their time being active in the sunshine.
I remember when I was younger; the most exciting time is when we put up my little tree house in the back garden. Today these playhouses come in the most amazing shapes and sizes; they can even look like real log cabins. They also offer children of all age’s hours of entertainment, their own secret place in the garden where they can pack all their garden toys and all their secret possessions.
Playhouses, log cabins, garden sheds and summer houses are all very popular this summer season; offers a wide selection to compliment your garden space.