Get Touchable Curly Hair With A Coupon Code

Having curly hair means having to spend more time getting all of the curls to behave. Many experience the frizz, the poofing, and the mess that their hair becomes on very humid days. Hair disasters like this require serious intervention in the form of products and styling tools.
With the right arsenal, anyone can tame the mess and get defined curls that are soft to the touch but will hold up to a long day or night. Finding the right tools and products can be a little tricky, but there are a few things that everyone with curly locks should have.

Always Use The Right Comb Or Brush

The right comb and brush set is the foundation of managing a curly mess. Many opt for both a comb and brush because they each have their uses. Sometimes one is better than the other, and knowing when to use each one can make a big difference.
The first thing to do is make sure that the brush and comb are high quality. This means no cheap plastic that will break easily, and avoid low quality bristles, as these come loose. These should be replaced with higher quality versions that can be found with a Folica coupon code.
The reason higher quality versions are better is because they have better materials, such as synthetic blend bristles, or even natural fibers. The comb teeth are typically better coated, which prevents snagging, and resists static that can make hair frizz.

Add Styling Products That Soften And Define

Brushes and combs alone will not be enough to tame truly wild curls. For these, it takes a combination of products and cleansers to keep them under control for the entire day or evening.
For flat and limp curls, a volumizing treatment is the best option, as it will add much needed volume to them. A root lifting powder can also go a long way toward perking up any locks that prefer to lay flat. These are best used with a good volumizing brush and a gentle styling tool.
For frizzy messes, smoothing and defining serums and products are ideal. The best way to use these is to begin with a de-tangling or anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner. These will help prepare the strands for treatments without weighing them down.
After washing and conditioning the hair, it should be very carefully towel dried. The best option is to pat or blot it dry instead of ruffling it with a towel. Ruffling it can cause it to frizz, which makes it even harder to style.
The serum or smoothing treatment should be carefully applied. A small pea sized amount is sometimes enough for most who need to control frizz, however, larger amounts may be needed for very long or very thick hair.
A finishing spray is always a good idea, but not just any hair spray will do. For touchable and soft curls, a very light spray is necessary, as it will coat the hair without making it feel sticky or rough.

Use Styling Tools With Care For Touchable Tresses

Styling tools are important for anyone who wants to really pump up their curls. Styling tools can be found in any health and beauty section, but only certain types are ideal for taming frizz and messy locks.
The first step to finding the right kind is to make sure that they do not get too hot. If they get too hot, they can scorch hair and make it frizz even worse than before. They should also be coated to prevent snags and tears.
Special attachments for blow dryers can also be found with a Folica coupon code. The attachments can help dry just one curl or lock at a time, or add much needed volume without increasing the risk of frizz or static.
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