Get Your Children Involved And Active In A Sports League

Any parent who has ever played in youth sports clubs as a child most likely already understands the ins and outs of registering and participating in sports activities. However for others, getting your daughter or son involved in a sport can be quite intimidating, especially if you are not sure of the age requirements, where to sign up or exactly what time of year every sport begins. Youth sports clubs offer opportunities to build the fundamentals and age-appropriate skills your child needs and helps them by encouraging respectable competition at every grade level.

Nationally Recognized Groups

Traditionally, most Youth Sports Clubs – including Soccer, Basketball, Softball, Baseball and Football – are run by organizations including your local Parks and Recreation Department, your local Boys and Girls Club, the YMCAs and a variety of other nationally recognized groups. Most organizations offer multiple sports, for both boys and girls. However, they usually offer flag football as an activity and not tackle football.

An Ideal Club for Your Child 

Whether your child is becoming interested in an individual sport, or you are motivating them to get started, you can also find sport-specific clubs in your community run by a secondary type of organization. Little League Baseball, Pop Warner Football and local League Basketball offer the perfect outlets and sporting experience for your child. Many families will choose a sports organization within their localized area, based on the scheduling of each practice session, along with the distance required to participate in the games.

Less common sports including Swimming, Wrestling and Lacrosse are generally offered at some location in your city or county. Additionally, you can look for afterschool programs that are run by alternative sources other than the educational system.

Club Requirements

The age requirement of every type of sporting activity varies, and is based on grade level, maturity level and skill of the student athlete. Many sports will accept athletes as young as three years old and continue all the way through high school. In nearly every type of sport, experience is not required. Prerequisites for advancement in the sport, usually does not exist. Should your child miss out on the experience of playing tee-ball, he or she can still sign up for baseball once they become interested in their later years. 

Uniforms and equipment are often included in the registration fee; however it varies by each organization. Many teams offer volunteer positions, while other organizations have mandatory requirements that at least one parent volunteers for some position on the team, or at the concession stand. Fundraising in at least one event is often a necessity to help offset the cost of coaching and managing the team. The commitment of time involved in having your child experience any sporting event usually requires one or two practice sessions each week along with a single-game during the same timeframe.

Summer Youth Sports Clubs 

Typically, one or two weeks after the end of the school year, many youth sports clubs begin their summer sessions with the sign-up happening at least three or four weeks before. Many summer activities include a variety of games, crafts, swimming and indoor sports including volleyball and basketball. Sessions often run for 2 to 4 weeks, providing a break for family vacations.

Youth sports clubs offer great benefits to every maturing child and help the parents teach their boys and girls effective tools they will be able to use throughout their life. Many sports clubs require that you and your family are active members to participate in the organization’s sport activities at some level. However, this is not always the case, so it is recommended that you check.

Bryon Blandin is the owner of Mambo Sports. Mambo Sports is committed to becoming the first complete national youth sports directory of up-to-date information for youth athletes.