Get Your San Dimas California Tee Times Today

The world of golf is an amazing world to live in.  The sport challenges the serious and novice golfers on a daily basis.  San Dimas California Tee Times are available right now.  This is a great time to play the game because the weather is not as hot as it was a few months ago, so the heat will not plague anyone as much as it once did.  The San Dimas area is filled with great courses to play.  To get a great tee time, you will need to call the club as much in advance as possible.  This area is home to hundreds of golfers throughout the fall and winter months.  Many people save up their vacation time to do some fall and winter golfing in beautiful California.

Want Play Golf?

There are a myriad of great golf courses to play in and around San Dimas.  Some of the courses are private and others are public.  You need to find out which courses you are able to play before you plan anything else.  The majority of the courses are around 6,500 yards.  That is about the average length of the courses.  The actual difficulty level of the courses varies, but each and every course provides countless ways to challenge and entertain every golfer.

Golf Course Features

The San Dimas Canyon Golf Course is one of the nicest in the area.  The well-manicured landscaping along with a host of challenging shots makes this course one that you have to play to believe.  The course is always filling up quickly.  Make sure you get online or call the course to reserve San Dimas California Tee Times.

The 6,309 yard par 72 Canyon Course continues to get rave reviews from everyone that plays it.  This course is full of different challenges and unique golf holes. One of the features of this course is the beautiful upkeep.  The course is always taken care of, and it really is a great public golf course at a good price.

The course consists of five challenging par 3 holes.  The majority of the five par 5 holes can be reached in two shots.  These are enticing holes though.  The risk and reward must be carefully measured before going for it in two.  There are a number of water hazards surrounding the entire course and the location of other hazards make this course truly challenging.


Many people from across the country, especially in the colder states, go on golfing vacations in the winter.  San Dimas is the perfect place to visit for your next destination.  There are a number of great courses in the area, and the beautiful winter weather in California cannot be beaten.  Make your San Dimas California Tee Times today to begin an unparalleled journey into the world of golf.

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