Getting Discounts For Your Company

Getting discounts from purchases you make for your small business has never been as easy as it is today. Whilst it was almost unheard of a few years ago, web discount coupons are now plentiful if you know where to look. If you want to secure your business some big discounts, sometimes as much as 75%, on the products and services you need, simply register for one of the discount voucher, group buying or daily deal websites and wait for the offers to flood in.
Once you become a member you will receive email alerts on big discounts from a wide range of products and services offered by a diverse group of companies from all over the country. Almost all discount coupons work the same way, and offer coupons for big discounts you wouldn’t normally find, which can be from companies such as airlines, hotels, bars and restaurants, health and wellness centers and many more.

Here are five simple steps to consider when you look for such discounts.
1. Go over your invoices and billing statements and search for discounts
Are you familiar with trade terms? Have you heard of it but you don’t quite understand what is it all about? Quite simply, trade terms offer you discount if you make advance payments for products that you purchase. Check through your old sales invoices and see if any of your suppliers offer discount terms for early purchases or bulk purchases. Check what you are paying on your monthly insurance premiums and see if it works out cheaper to buy it all at once.
If your utility companies offer online services, take the opportunity to enroll in that service. By doing so you will save a lot of time and money. Online payment will enable you to take care of your payments at the click of a button. Make it a habit to schedule your online payment so that you won’t miss out anything, and avoid paying late, as this will often attract a penalty.
2. Ask About Discounts
Usually we fail to ask for discounts on purchases, especially when we are preoccupied with other things. You need to change that habit. Don’t be scared of asking for discounts from your product supplier or service provider. Sometimes, concessions from your part come into play in exchange for such discount, like agreeing to certain terms offered by them such as purchasing minimum volume or bulk buying.
3. The Fewer, The Better
Find out if you can consolidate some of your purchasing to come from a single service provider or product supplier. If dealing with a single company is virtually impossible, then try to trim down the number of suppliers you have. By dealing with fewer companies you will be putting more trader their way, therefore the possibility of getting big discounts is high.
4. Take Advantage of Discount Programs
Check out the website of your vendors. They may have discount programs for their loyal business partners who patronize their products or services thru online purchases. Such vendors include financial institutions, telecommunications providers, credit card companies and IT products, among others.
5. Subscribe to Newsletters
Don’t be afraid to subscribe to newsletters from select vendors. Subscription to newsletters from select vendors can actually be an advantage to your business, and won’t always result in lots of spammy email. Newsletters from airline and hotel companies are a good place to subscribe, because these types of companies regularly offer big discount deals throughout the year, which are only publicized by email.
If you want to minimize or lessen your company expenses, discounts can be your best bet. It is not bad to ask for discounts every time you make a purchase. Take time a few minutes of your time to search for discount deals both online and offline.
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