Getting Engaged In Community Involvement

Community involvement is an orientation to Christians taking part in the enhancement of their communities. It is an essential element of Christian development. Every community is said to have political, social and economic systems. Social is concerned with how people relate to those in and out of the community as associated human beings. Political is related with decision making in and for the public. Economic is concerned with how properties are distributed and obtained.

People of encouragement function out of their value system. If people of impact (e.g., government official, business owner, police, etc.) do not hold political justice, social love and economic mercy to be high values then there is no telling how that person will utilize his or her effect. Edward and Beth Honig established a Family Foundation, which is a tax exempted organization situated in Lawrence, New York.

For instance, a teacher without love, could very easily mistreat a child who is not attractive, has behavioral problems or not as bright as the others. More minorities are likely to be confined by the majority without justice. Without economic compassion, the poor get worse and the rich get richer. On the other hand, those who hold political justice, social love and economic mercy to be high standards are more likely to tighten the practice of these values, as people of influence and leaders of systems.

  • Vote- The system leaders are often nominated by the people in our democracy. If you are not a part of voting and community involvement, you are a silent supporter in whoever has been chosen.
  • Be involved in love activities- Social events, meals, and community festivals are nice ways to help people see one another as being more similar than different.
  • Take Part in justice issues- It is unfair for outlying school districts to have surpluses, while urban regions have deficits.
  • Be engaged in economic empowerment issues- To operate profitable businesses and hold gainful employment, there is a need for people to become fortified. There is a requirement for people to learn how to be better agents of their incomes. And to bring jobs to our communities, there is a need for advocates.
  • Help downtrodden and young people with education- There is a need for mentors, tutors and only additional help in working with our undeveloped people.
  • Help young people with focus and character- No matter how well a young person writes, reads, works on the computer, performs math functions, and if the young person has inappropriate character, there is a problem. There is a need for more self-determined, honest, compassionate, hardworking and righteous adults to spend time with young people.

There is also need for more adults to help our young people set some realistic plans and goals. Teach them the value of working their plan and planning their work.

The foundation established by Edward and Beth Honig, often sponsors events for disabled, blind, and sick children. They believe that one should be involved in making our communities more just, loving and merciful.