Getting More for Less in the World of Free Websites

“Inexpensive” is a great word to hear when discussing anything, let alone websites. But “free” is even better, and what with the costs of hiring an independent web developer in a downed economy, entrepreneurs, hobbyists and businesses are looking to cut costs in every way imaginable. When it comes to getting a free website, or an inexpensive one, the trick is not having to sacrifice important features and services that will help grow your online presence, and promote your brand. There are hoards of companies out there that lure in unsuspecting consumers by offering “free websites”. However, these websites usually consist of poorly designed templates plastered with advertisements and are powered by outdated technology. Furthermore, if you want something functional and that has the “bells and whistles”, you will pay dearly for it. But don’t let these deceitful companies detour you from using a free website, as there are many good companies out there that offer incredible products.

Services and Features: The Must Haves

Once you have found a company that offers a free website without the previously discussed nuisances, the next thing to do is to make sure it offers services and features that will help your website function at the highest levels of professionalism.

Having a website through a company that knows the science behind getting others find your website in the search engines is vital to your success. After all, if people can’t find you, how can you earn their business or gain their following? SEO (search engine optimization) makes all of this possible, and having a website through a company that not only offers it, but who knows the science behind it, is crucial to your success. In a recent article by Yahoo News, the author examines some of the new challenges facing the world of SEO, and the restrictions put in place due to the countless algorithm and update changes that have been made by cheap SEO campaigns. Trusting your website with a company who understands these challenges, and who can overcome them, should be at the top of your “must haves”.

Another thing you will need provided is a GOOD domain name. There are several free website companies out there who provide their clients with domain names that look like this: www.yourbusiness1934766*^ Who is going to remember that, let alone type it into an address bar? Choosing a domain name isn’t like helping your daughter pick a name for her pet parakeet. Your domain name needs to be carefully considered based on the name of your business/organization, and one needs to consider the words that online users would put into the search engines when looking for your business or others like it.

Another feature you will definitely want is a mobile website.  The number of mobile Internet users continues to double every year. In fact, some studies show that people spend more time online with their mobile phones than they do on their home computers. Having a mobile website is another feature you can’t go without.

What’s the Next Step?

Once you have found a good website company that offers a quality free product with upgradable features such as the ones discussed in this article, sign up and give them a trial run. You have nothing to lose, but they do. And if the company truly focuses on their customer’s needs, they will fight tooth and nail to ensure their customer’s satisfaction, and will work hard to continue to earn your business every day.