Getting Ready To Win Custody Of Your Child

Your child is the most important thing in your life and having legal custody over him is essential. This will allow you to have the right to make decisions related to your child’s needs such as education, religion and health care. Once you file for custody, you must set your heart and mind on winning because after all, you will do everything for the well being of your child. It is with the help of a reliable lawyer that you can present your story to the judge in order to win custody. If you are still uncertain about the steps to take, this article can help you out.

Consult With An Experienced Family Lawyer

Although it is not really necessary to hire the services of a lawyer, you may want to consult with one to ensure that you win. Speak with a lawyer by taking advantage of a free initial consultation to discuss your case and determine what your chances are. Before you consult with one, be sure that you choose your lawyer wisely. Opt for one with experience and a good reputation.

Educate Yourself With Your State Child Custody Laws

If you want to succeed, you must educate yourself with the laws of your state regardless of whether you have a lawyer or not. Having the knowledge about the law is better than entering battle without ammunition and a battle plan. You can also visit online resources about child custody. Do some research and discuss it with your lawyer before you go to court.

Accomplish All The Necessary Forms

Have every single form that you need for your case downloaded and filled out before you go to court. Sometimes unnecessary delays can occur just because a few forms had not been accomplished. Be careful to write down all the needed information as incomplete forms can cause delay too. This is something you will want to avoid.

File The Forms

Your lawyer can file the forms for you unless of course if you opted not to have a lawyer, then you must file the forms personally.

Get Ready

The hearing can last for about 20 minutes so you must be ready with what you will want to say as you will only have a few minutes to speak. You can prepare yourself by having a list ready and practice with a friend or with your lawyer.

Attend The Hearing

Though there are parents who have been known to miss out on the court date, you must not follow their lead if you are serious about getting custody. Be in court early and dress appropriately for the hearing.

Fight The Battle

Relax and be calm when you speak your side of the story to the judge. Fortunately, a jury will not be present so you need not worry about having to speak to a court full of people. Do not be affected by whatever your former partner may say. Simply present the facts which are the truth.

Wait And Be Patient

Though this may be hard, it is imperative that you be patient as the judge will not issue a decision that fast. In fact, several court appearances may be needed before a judge actually makes a decision.

Respect The Outcome

Whatever the judge’s ruling may be, you must respect his decision. In the event that you do not get custody, you can always appeal to the court in the future. For now, you can just listen to the court’s decision and be obedient to what is asked of you. Accept and accomplish the demands of the court because your efforts will surely be paid off in the future.

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