Getting Rid Of Jetlag Once And For All

Jetlag is one of the most common problems that frequently affect flyers embarking on long haul, international travel. The change in time zones, along with a restless night’s sleep, can truly wreak havoc on your body. For many business professionals, severe jetlag can stop them from performing at their best or can even go as far as affecting their working ability to meet deadlines. If you’re worried about jetlag, the next time you embark on a long haul flight, be sure to follow these simple steps for banishing jetlag, once and for all.

Stay Hydrated

Now this may sound like something obvious, as it is beneficial for your overall health, although many frequent flyers simply forget to maintain a regular intake of water, whilst flying. Staying hydrated will assist in boosting your immune system, allowing you to feel more refreshed upon landing at your destination. Drinking plenty of water in the air will also help to prevent those nasty post-flight headaches, which are all too common for international flyers.

Exercise More

For travellers who know they have an international flight in the upcoming weeks, professionals recommend increasing your daily exercise routine. By exercising more, travellers are preparing their body for the harshness of being cramped up for long periods of time, allowing them to reduce the physical affects that jetlag can have on the body.

Brain Training Games

Whether you decide to play Sudoku or do a crossword puzzle, you will be helping your mind to stay mentally alert. One of the biggest problems for sufferers of jetlag is the loss of motivation, concentration and focus. Performing simple brain training activities, whilst on board, will help to reduce the lethargic effects of jetlag.

Book in for a Spa Treatment

Spa treatments can be very beneficial for reducing the effects of jetlag, particularly remedial massages. Professional massages help to eliminate toxins from your body, allow you to have time for your body to rejuvenate and can also get rid of those nasty aches and pains that come with cramped seats and not room to stretch your legs.

Calm Yourself

If you don’t need to rush off to a business meeting, directly after landing, head to your hotel and perform a calming ritual. Simple activities such as meditation, yoga or Thai Chi can assist in realigning your body and allow you to become focused on the tasks at hand. While it may only take 10 minutes out of your schedule, you will feel refreshed and ready to take on the world.

Every corporate traveller needs to ensure that they are well-rested and free of jetlag, when arriving at their destination. Jetlag can wreak havoc on your personal presentation and overall performance at business meetings and conferences. Follow our simply tips above to notice the real improvements in your quality of life after air travel.

Written by Misha Treays
Misha has been a travel writer for three years. Prior to her wordsmith’s life, she worked as a travel agent looking after both leisure and corporate clients. Misha also loves yoga and teaches part-time in a local studio.

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