Getting To Hollywood from Dreams To Reality

Actors are the apple of everyone’s eyes not only in the film industry but also among the fans. It is the fantasy of many to be a part of that world but not many finally succeed in it. But if you love acting and get an opportunity then it makes sense to explore the avenues. For them fantasy turns into reality and teenager Allie Fremin is one such lucky actor who could live the dream. Her story of success has made many people interested in listening to it and drawing inspiration from it.

Allie Fremin plays the leading character in the movie The Bracelet of Bordeaux which has been received well by the people not only in America but in all the places where the movie has been released. The movie is a family suspense thriller which should not be missed at all. Newcomer Allie makes heads turn in the movie with her acting skills, elegant look and amazing performance. After watching her act in the film it is difficult to believe that she is not a seasoned actor, but a debutant with no background in acting. She has entered the film industry without any backing but has been accepted by all owing to her performance.

The movie has been directed by Casey Kelly and edited by Frank Eakins. Most of the scenes have been shot in Texas, Woodlands. Monterey Media is responsible for the worldwide distribution of the film and a prominent one in the United States. Following the release of the film actress Allie Fremin attended a press conference wherein she expressed gratitude towards her colleagues and director for keeping faith in her. The overwhelming response of the audience towards the film has made her feel loved and appreciated. She feels that if someone deserves special mention then it will be her father’s friend who had made it possible for her to get the movie.

It helped Allie Fremin get a glimpse of the glamorous world of acting. Allie’s modest yet stylish look caught the eyes of the director Casey Kelly who was in search of such a face. On first seeing her face Casey knew that he had found the right person for the role and did not waste time in signing her for the film.  Casey took permission from Allie’s father who finally allowed her to take up the role. Everyone was apprehensive when the director decided to launch a completely new face for the film but Allie’s acting skills laid all doubts to rest.

She did a splendid job in the film and broke all records at the box office. The Bracelet of Bordeaux has the cash box jingling in only the first week of its release not only in America but across all locations where it has been released. Other than Allie the film stars Meryl Gibbs, Ansley Garner, Gini Gruenert and Lucy Gabbard. The movie focuses on the attempts of two teenagers to catch crooks in which they are assisted by a magical bracelet. Allie Fremin plays the lead role.