Getting Your Dating Profile Picture Right

The idea of online dating initially sounds like a fairly easy concept. You create a user profile, add your information and off you go waiting for someone to get in touch. The fact is, when you start to do this, you realise it is not quite that easy. You start to realise it’s actually really hard to get a balance that on one hand makes you sound and look good without actually coming across as big headed or very self-indulgent. For this reason, we’ve put together a small guide to try and help you select the best picture for your dating profile that will show you in your best light.
Should it be you?
You will notice on many dating sites that people have actually opted to use pictures of things such as pets or maybe favourite places or cars and other things that reflects their interests. While many sites no longer allow you to use general pictures you will still find some that don’t have any guidelines on this. If you have joined a dating site that doesn’t have any restrictions on your picture, we would still recommend avoiding the temptation of using a picture of your favourite cat or dog.

So, you’re going to use your own picture, the next mistake is not use a really cute baby picture you have or that great shot of you skydiving for charity. You need to choose a picture that reflects accurately who you are on a daily basis. This is where most people struggle to be honest. The problem is, if you don’t use a current picture that is reflective of what you look like when you turn up on your date, the person is going to be slightly disappointed that you don’t look like your picture. You may have some great pictures of you when you were a few pounds lighter but if that’s no longer accurate, it’s probably not the best picture to use!
Editing your photo:
Many people have what they would call their favourite picture. If these pictures involve other people albeit friends or even maybe ex-partners, it is best to try not to use these. Even if you’re handy with photoshop it can still be obvious that you’ve cropped or edited the picture and that can put some people off. It is far better to use a nice picture of yourself standing on your own , then trying to chop up or edit a picture, removing other people from it
Let your picture speak about you:
A good idea for your dating sites profile is a nice holiday picture that reflects an interest. So if you enjoy Paris and have a nice picture of you in front of the Eiffel Tower, this shows a person viewing your profile that you enjoy travel and France and not only gives them a nice natural looking photo of yourself but also tells little more about you. Maybe you’re a bit of a sports fan and like to watch the football. In which case maybe you have a nice picture of you wearing your teams favourite top at the football ground
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