Give Your Exterior Door A Facelift To Create A Welcoming Statement

Front doors allow access and egress, while at the same time separating the interiors of the house from the exterior environment. While your old door may be able to provide a passage, you should also consider that its current state can have a lasting impression to your guests and will also give them a hint of what they are likely to find once they enter your home. So if you want to set the best tone for your house and create a welcoming experience for your visitors, it’s about time that you give your old door a facelift.

Below are some ideas how you can breathe new life to that old exterior door of yours.

A Pop of Shade

Since your home’s exterior door is the dominant feature of your landscape, make sure that it pops out against your blooms and greens by painting it with a new shade. While you may opt to coordinate it with your home’s exterior paint to give it a traditional touch, a good way to convey yours personality through your front door is to paint it with a bold color like royal blue, turquoise or yellow just to name a few. To invite good energy to your home, you may simply choose to go for a red front door.

When choosing a paint for your door, go for the one that can stand up to different elements as well as the usual wear and tear. This way you can be assured that you will be able to enjoy the new shade of your door for a long time.

Add Symmetry

If you have an architecturally symmetrical house, this is actually a good starting point for you to decorate your door with little effort. A symmetrically designed house – where the front door is the center of the house facade – calls for a symmetrical placement of objects on both sides of the front door. For instance, you can add two identical large vases or box planters on either side of your exterior door. Matching sconces will also make for a great addition to your symmetrical design.

If your house have an assymetrical design, you need to do a different approach to make your door stand out. You may opt to arrange objects on either sides of your doors, but they don’t have to be exactly matched with each other. The key is to maintain balance so that the decorative elements will not grab the attention from the door itself.

Dramatic Details

To give your front door a unique touch, you may choose to adorn it with stencils like vines, flowers or geometric patterns. Adorning it with decorative metal spirals or adding molding and trims are also ideal details that will increase the dramatic flair of your front door.

Make it More Welcoming

At a minimum, the small square footage lying in front of your exterior door (stoop or landing) offers a place for your visitors to wait. You can add dimension to your door and keep your visitors in shade while they wait by installing an awning or a vaulted canopy. To make it more inviting for your visitors, lay down a new doormat and hang a wreath according to the season.

Striking Hardware Contrast

Another great way to dress up your front door is to change its old hardware with new ones. To add a bold flavor, you can pick door knob, numbers, hinges, deadbolt, peephole and knocker that are in contrast with the color of your door. For instance, a matte black knocker would create a stylish contrast to a white door.

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