Giving The Gift Of Angels

Angles have risen in popularity, which means that angel-themed figurines, artwork, decorations, and jewelry are often appreciated. Feeling the divine power of these spiritual guides can be important. Moreover, angel gifts bring beauty and a sense of spirit to gift-giving. Additionally, friends are often touched by a gift that echoes the guardian essence. You can make your own angel gifts with a few supplies and your children as helpers.
Wall Decorations
A host of beautiful angel paintings can be found today. You can paint your own version using the traditional angel image for inspiration.
Even winged animals can be found, as they make wonderful unique angel gifts. Who would not want their favorite kitty depicted as an angel? How about that fierce bulldog with the angel spirit? Bulldogs with wings can be made for the bulldog lover.

Angel Figures
Unique angel figurines are popular, and an array of sizes, colors, and materials are available. You can display an assortment of these figures to provide inspiration and protection. With a wealth of materials available, angel figures can be found as wood sculpture from Central America, as Murano glass, as South American boldly painted figurines or as wood sculpture from Java.
Using felt, acrylic paints, glue, feathers, wire, and ribbon as well as a clothespin, you or your kids will be able to create a simple wooden angel. Glue feathers for the skirt or fold fabric around the clothespin. Add ribbon for the waist and yarn for the hair. Paint the face next. The halo can be made by bending the wire and attaching it to the back of the head. Cut wings out of felt and attach with glue. Finish with a ribbon glued to the back to hang your angel.
Angel Jewelry
A perfect way to show your love of angels is with angel gifts of jewelry that feature winged imagery. An angel wing pendant necklace with rhinestones can be made as well as a rhinestone heart with angel wings. Beautiful as adornment, giving jewelry with angels is a popular way to show the spiritual aspect of friendship or love.
Stained Glass Angel Wings
Using methods and supplies for stained glass, cut out two separate wings. After leading, attach a number of colorful glass jewels to the center for a unique angel gift that will be lovely and light filled.
Angel Box Decoupage
Find numerous pictures of angels in magazines, greeting cards or other sources. Cut them out. Using glue for decoupage, decorate a small box with an abundance of images. Remember to save your favorites for the top layer. You will have a special angel box to hold your favorite things. Moreover, it makes a cherished handmade gift.
Angel T-Shirt
Arrange rhinestones in the pattern of a heart with wings on a dark shirt.
Angel gifts in many forms show appreciation for the spirit and offer a soothing and divine essence to loved ones. Moreover, they delight the recipient with a timeless message. Friends and family will appreciate the thoughtfulness and warmth behind this inspirational and unique expression of love.
Jeanine Marcus is a freelance writer and blogs about marketing his figurine collections.