Giving Your Office A 60 Minute Makeover

A change is as good as a rest so if you’re getting fed up of being in your office all the time then why not give it a sixty minute makeover.


One of the best ways to give yourself renewed energy, feel calmer and more in control is to take some time to de-clutter. If your office paperwork is getting out of control then sort it out and get rid of any unnecessary items to give yourself more space. Go through your storage and see what you can dispose of, then you’ll be able to use your storage for other things and keep things like desk surfaces clear and neat.


Unless you’re Superman you won’t be able to redecorate your office in 60 minutes but you can certainly rearrange your furniture. Swapping your furniture around can make a space feel brand new and if there’s something that’s bothering you, such as a lack of space to move around desks, you can sort it out and feel more at ease in the space.

Get Arty

A great piece of art can really brighten a space, creating a focal point and adding interest to what could be a very dull room. Why not invest in a piece of statement art that you love, you could even pick something that includes your corporate colours or reflects the ethos of your business. If you have visitors to your office then make sure that the art you choose is unlikely to offend anyone, for example avoid pictures of nudes.

Lighten Up

Bad lighting can make you feel sluggish and depressed and can even have an effect on your health. If your office is looking tired then adding some new lighting can really liven it up. Try fitting some uplighters to the walls to add a bit of drama, or even some coloured lights that will instantly change the ambience of the room.

Get Comfy

Why not swap your old office chair for something a little more luxurious? After all if you spend hours every day sitting on it, don’t you deserve to be comfortable? Choose an executive chair in padded leather that screams class, you can even go for a recliner so you can let it all hang out if you want to. Don’t worry if you haven’t got the biggest of budgets, you can find all sorts of great luxury chairs online for discount prices so you can pay like a pauper and sit like a king!
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