Gmail Added Wallpapers and Emojis In Newest Updated

Gmail Added Wallpapers and Emojis In Newest Updated

Gmail, the most popular free email service from Google, has recently announced new updates that will make Gmail even more attractive to the users. The competition in the market of free email services has become steep lately, and to keep its leadingposition unaltered Google is truly keeping no stones unturned.

Extensive free storage, a very friendly front end, smart features and integration with other Google services such as Google Docs, have worked extensively as the plus points of Gmail and now Google brings tons of Wallpapers and fresh Emojis just to ensure that they continue to be the best choice for the old and new users.

Know More about Gmail Wallpaper

 Gmail Wallpapers are there for quite some time now. They actually give you the opportunity to customize the look and feel of your inbox in the way that matches your taste. It is actually great to use your Gmail login and land in an inbox that has been designed by you according to your own likings. This has been no doubt a great feature which was unique and highly liked by the users. However, the only limitation that often disappointed the users was the limited number of choices the users had. The wallpapers that were available for customizing your mailbox were few in numbers and the user had to make the choice from that limited options.

What’s The Update?

 According to the latest announcement, the latest update to Gmail will add extensively to this number. The new Gmail will come with hundreds of new wallpapers, enabling users to make their Gmail accounts more personalized. The concept of high resolution theme, was first introduced to the electronic mails in 2008; and with the latest development, users will be actually able to get its full benefits. As reported by Google, the new wallpapers will even include some of the Google user generated wallpapers.Users will be also able to use their own uploaded backgrounds in their emails. There will be added tools, like blurs, vignettes to editthe wallpapers.

The new Gmail update will also add a bunch of new emojis that can be used in emails as well as in chats.The new emojis will surely make it even more convenient for the Gmail users to express their thoughts and feelings through emails and chats. They will certainly make the chats more interesting and the emails more expressive.

Emojis have their origination in Japan and the emoji library of Google dates back to 2013. The set of latest emojis include a collection of smiley faces along with emojis from different categories like nature, food, holidays and many more. Most expectedly this new emoji database will replace the existing one, with high resemblance to emoticons mostly used in chats.

Emojis have become a very popular way for quickly communicating through smaller screen devices and the new much filled Emoji library of Gmail will surely make it more effective for the users. Gmail has an increasing number of users who use Gmail login from their mobile device and the emoji updates is going to make it more convenient for them.