Gmail vs Yahoo – Who Has The Better Email Features?

In terms of search engines, most people make use of either Yahoo, or Google. Yahoo has been around longer, and were the sort of champions of commercial email solutions. But Google is a far more powerful search engine, and their email offering, Gmail, is a worldwide favourite in its own right. Both have their benefits, and both have clear weaknesses. It is a common query for business owners – which one is more suited to my company, or which provides better email service – and the aim of this article is try and discover the answer to what has become one of the computing world’s biggest family feuds.

Again, it must be noted that this article is aimed at deconstructing the myths about each email provider specifically, and not tackling the companies as they stand in their totality. So let’s get started and make a decision about who has the best email features between Google and Yahoo.


One of the defining factors of a great email provider is the amount of storage space that they give you. Emails in general do not take up much space, particularly if you have more conversational email usage, but you have to take the space into consideration when you are handling a lot of attachments, such as documents, sound bites, images and the like. Gmail has an ever-expanding amount of storage for users that far outstrips the Yahoo offering, and they tell it like it is by giving you an exact figure of what you would have.  So, in this all-important aspect, Gmail easily comes out tops!


It seems ridiculous that companies with such massive resources and expertise would ever be prone to reliability problems, but unbelievably, one of these two giants is. Google is recognized as the world’s biggest, most powerful search engine. They never shut down, they never let users down, and they keep their approach simultaneously fresh and professional. And because Gmail is directly linked to the search engine itself, users get the same kind of reliability. Unfortunately, despite the fact that Yahoo is an older company, they have still not managed to iron out all of the glitches, and in the last few months, users from across the globe have been subject to inexplicable errors, including the inability to send and receive mail. As you can imagine, this is another negative check for Yahoo.


The last consideration is the actual email interface or layout. Yahoo’s latest incarnation is fast, easy, and effective, whereas Gmail has clung to an outdated, simplistic system. In this regard at least, Yahoo comes out on top, although for the casual user, this may not matter.

This guest post comes from Victoria. She is a freelance writer who has no problem sharing her opinion about Gmail accounts.