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Personalized Healthcare

If this is considered that some of the basic needs of humans to exist on the earth are food, clothing and shelter, then a question obviously comes as to their standard or quality. This is because, similar to all those primary needs, healthy living is one of the most crucial necessities without which everything is meaningless. The increasing intensity of economic hazards results in a rising number of health hazards, while unhealthy foods, lifestyle and environmental contaminants are some of the major causes that make detrimental effects on one’s livelihood.

Keeping all these factors in mind the Ex Medical Director of Freeport Cardiology LLC, Dr. Lowell I Gerber MD has introduced his state-of-the-art healthcare center BIOINDIVIDUAL Heath Strategies, a limited liability company in Freeport, ME in August 2015. This renowned expert physician in the segment of Cardiovascular Diseases is equipped with specialty board certification on three major areas that are

  • Interventional Cardiology
  • Cardiovascular Computed Tomography
  • Nuclear Cardiology

According to this knowledgeable personality and physician Dr. Lowell I Gerber – as the way, human race is concerned today in regard to their economical stability, finances, and pursue for consolidating their investment portfolio; are they really pondering their health issues or investing for personal as well as loved one’s health? To consider, It’s just not investing in medical insurance because eventually no insurance or thereby reimbursement can lessen the pain, the stress and health hazards that you undertake. If that is pragmatic, then why not people outfit them accordingly, so as to a quality as well, a standard of livelihood can be achieved!!

This is the overall focus point of Bio Individual Nutrition that basically makes analysis and rehabilitates individualized fitness ensuring comprehensive health solutions. This is achieved because here, at BIOINDIVIDUAL all procedures and treatments are research based. It investigates measurements based upon the individual’s genetics and biological factors. As the cardiologist and internal medication specialist physician Dr. Lowell I Gerber MD says that the impacts of toxins within the human body as well, what they consume out of the environmental factors, food habits, consumption of medications that not only reduces their lifespan but affects severely on its quality as well.

Once these influencing factors are studied together with your hormone portfolio, it is possible to find out a tailor-made healing procedure in terms of proper medications, workout sessions, dietary as well do’s and don’ts that ultimately ensure a complete health restoration and help you maintain optimal wellbeing. Regardless of whether you are a business professional, corporate executive, or educationist; physical fitness is an utmost need which you can never avoid.

Robert E Johnson- MD, PhD was the research advisor and guide of Dr. Lowell I Gerber MD while he was associated with the Human Environmental Research Unit. Dr Gerber completed his Internship and Residency from the University of South Florida in Internal Medicine. He did his medical schooling and specialization in pathology from STRITCH School of Medicine, Maywood in Illinois. He got fellowship in Cardiology from University of South Florida College of Medicine. The Certifications that are achieved by Dr. Lowell I Gerber during this physician career from the American Board of Internal Medicine are Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Diseases, and Internal Cardiology, while he is also supported by Nuclear Cardiology, Age Management Medicine and Cardiovascular Computer Tomography, part III from CENEGENICS Education & Research Foundation