Goa’s Happening Nightlife In Its Nightclubs

Goa’s Happening Nightlife In Its Nightclubs

Planning a trip to Goa but waiting for the peak season to arrive? Just go ahead. Goa today is not how it was back then and the fun capital remains fun whole year round now with the sprawling of many happening nightclubs. This article talks about some of the nightclubs you should check out in Goa.

Goa, the ‘fun capital of India’ is the ultimate party destination in India. Goa has always been the go to destination for people in India to have fun and getaway for a couple of days, however unlike back then when the only ‘happening’ season were during the peak seasons and the rest of the year remained dry, Goa now has a fleet of nightclubs near its beaches which keeps the party going 365 days a year. You can now book your Goa tour packages during anytime of the year and party your socks off. Here are some of the nightclubs you can party at during the off seasons when there is little or no rave parties in the beach.

Club Tito

Club TIto is the definitive nightclub in Goa. It is probably the most popular and sought after nightclub in Goa. Located near the Baga beach, Club Tito is most happening during Saturday nights. DJs from all over the world set the dancefloor on fire and makes everyone start dancing by dropping their groovy beats. The dance floor see faces of people from different parts of the country and the world, all coming together to have a good time.

Primrose Music Club

Although closed during the monsoons, this clubs never fails to enthrall the crowd on the other seasons with its sick beats and energetic ambience. This trance club is set between the two very popular beach areas of Vagator and Anjuna.

Shore Bar

One of the most popular bars in Anjuna, this bar directly overlooking the beach is a perfect place to sit and sip on some beer while you watch the sun set over the beach. By nightfall the music gets louder and the bass heavier and the crowd starts to flow in.


MAMBO’s is a unique beach club which is totally different from all the nightclubs in Goa. Mambo’s overflows with fun weekdays and weekends alike and the crowd always show up in huge number. The only catch to visit to this place is that you will need a date to enter as the club allows only couples entry.


Another well known place in Goa, Curlie’s can also be your event manager incase you want to celebrate anything. The menu is clean and simple, view of the sea is great and the best part is, the club will show you how partying is done. Yes, down at Curlie’s they party hard!