Going To A Hunting Lodge? 4 Things You’ll Want To Bring Along

Going To A Hunting Lodge? 4 Things You'll Want To Bring Along

A trip to a hunting lodge can be a fun, rewarding experience. Like every trip, however, you will want to be adequately prepared. Here are four things you will want to bring along when you go.

Comfortable, Practical Clothes

Comfortable, practical clothes are critically important while out on a hunt. The last thing you want is to be miserable, delayed or even need to call off the hunt because your clothes are not satisfactory for the weather or for stalking game. Waterproof boots that are broken in, a good jacket, gloves and layers that you can mix and match depending on the weather are all good ideas. Don’t neglect rain gear or hunting safety vests.

Weapons and Ammunition

Whether you are hunting with a shotgun, rifle or bow, you will need to bring your weapons and enough ammunition to last for the duration of the trip. Always choose the weapons best suited for bringing down the game you are intending to hunt, or bring along a variety. Be sure your weapons are maintained, in good shape and checked for safety before use. Always follow good weapon handling practices both while staying at the lodge and out in the field.

Bags to Hold Supplies

You will need a well-stocked pack to carry the essentials when you go out. Investing in a specialty pack specifically for the purposes of hunting, such as a waterfowl hunting backpack, can provide you with a very useful tool. Be sure your bags are packed with the essentials you will need, such as a hunting knife, a game call, a first aid kit, a whistle to draw attention during emergencies or to find your group, or other useful items.

Your Hunting License

You will also need to have your hunting license on you. It might be required to check in to an event, and you don’t want to stumble across a game warden while out hunting without it. A good trick is to keep it in a plastic bag to protect it from becoming ruined or illegible because of water damage. Hunting licenses are distributed by the state, and you will often need permits to hunt specific types of game during the allowed season. You can apply for them online or in-person at certain retailers or offices.

Preparing for a trip to a hunting lodge is like preparing for any other trip, although some specialty supplies will be required. Check with your venue to see if they have a list of required or recommended items. Make a list before you go and ensure you have packed everything you need.