Good, All-Round American Grub

Burgers. Apple pie. Hot dogs. This is the food that has shaped America and many American bellies. While many people like to turn their noses up at American food, it’s hard not to stare at its sheer brilliance, its simpleness and its ability to meet our every carnal foodie desire. Here’s a few of the favorites…

Hot dogs

New York has everything and is even home to the hot dog, although residents of St Louis would like to argue otherwise. That said Chicago is the real American home of the hot dog and one of the best places to try this very popular and very tasty cuisine on its home territory.

Chicago residents get through more than 20 million hot dogs each year, so you can be sure they know what they’re talking about when it comes to sausage.

For the true taste, take a Vienna beef sausage, place it into a poppy-seed bun, add mustard, relish, tomato, chopped onion, some pickled peppers and generous dash of celery salt and then enjoy. Details are important here folks!


Again New York has claims to make here and in this instance I don’t think any other city or state can claim to be better than the Big Apple when it comes to pastrami. New York is home to some of the best Pastrami delis in the world including Carnegie Deli and Katz’s, both of which have gained international fame for their sandwiches.

For the perfect sandwich take some thinly-sliced pastrami and slap it in between rye bread. Smear with mustard and enjoy.


Soup de Jour might be naturally French but Chowder is an American dish and a Boston dish at that as well. The recipe is actually thought to have been passed on from the French to the Americans during Atlantic crossings.

Interestingly the early chowders didn’t contain clams at all – they were made of salt pork, onions, spiced and soaked biscuits, possible due to the fact this was all that sailors had on board with them. Once they got onshore however and by the end of the 28th century cod and bass began to be added before clams began to appear later on in the century.

American cuisine has gotten a bad rap in previous years, particularly having been the home of large food chains and global fast food corporations, however that doesn’t mean all American food is bad. Some of it is the work of geniuses and worth the trip to America for. 

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