Google Places: Advantages To Business and How To Be On The Top List

Google Places: Advantages To Business and How To Be On The Top ListGoogle Places is the best option for businesses to help people find their website easily. Consider reaching the top list because it’s easy to do it.

Google, the world’s biggest search engine, bets that a new system will cause more companies to have service outlets and do local deals. It is done when doing marketing for their goods and services. The technology used in creating a page for companies to show their location is the Google Places for Business. With this, Google keeps its friendly connections with most local businesses.

This free service from Google is just the right alternative for businesses. It helps in the search engine optimization (SEO) and at the same time providing a page for a company to put all information about their services and products. The result is user-friendly and a lot easier tool for prospective customers to use.

This new technology has the compatibility working with Google Maps. It offers a free list with the contact information and full address of the enterprise. For best benefits, learn the following information and see how your business can take advantage of this technology.

Benefits to Gain

The first advantage of using this is that users will find your place instantly. They will know where you are from. They don’t need to search longer in locating your address. People can counter check the place via Google maps to identify the accuracy of your location. With that, visitors tend to visit your site even more, rather than visiting other companies with the same business line.

Also, you will have advantage in the search engine ranks. You will be connected and ranked higher on Google search results. It means you can be easily found by some keywords. You can insert tags on your list to tell search engines about the nature of your business and your services.

How to get you on the Top Listing?

To claim Google Places only won’t place you on the first list. To be able to reach the top, your business listing should be optimized based on what is searched by your target market. Define the specific keyword phrases typed by potential clients. Know what they are “googling” for, something that relates to your line of business. To be on the first list you must:

1. Provide your accurate business details by completing the 100% of your profile.

2. Use only the accurate name of your business. Avoid using more than one name.

3. Add contents like videos, images, and other graphics to your listing.

4. Provide keywords and beneficial description of your business. Do not overdo do it, though, as your listing might get penalized due to keyword stuffing.

5. Request your clients to give your reviews and rating.

6. Maintain your listing by actively responding to people’s queries and feedback. Provide them business news, announcements, events, and others.

7. Make an on-going business listing in other chosen review sites and local directories.

8. Provide a link, if possible, from your site going to your page in Google places.

The above is a few suggestions. Nobody can tell exactly how the algorithm of Google works. Some may be useful and some may not be.

Google continues to provide ways for healthier tools to be used by businesses. In terms of drawing traffic to websites and local stores, free services are the best, especially for the benefits of small-scale businesses.