Granite Countertops Add Luxury And Value To Your NYC Apartment

The scarcity of granite countertops in NYC rentals can be surprising to newcomers looking for an apartment. Homeowners and landlords around the country are embracing granite for its durability, beauty and ability to increase a home’s value. Granite provides a sense of luxury to almost any kitchen or bathroom.

Granite Countertops in New York Apartments
Unfortunately for New Yorkers, many landlords fail to recognize granite’s potential to add style and a perception of quality to their rentals. Too many apartments sport outdated decor in every room, but most notably the kitchen and bathrooms. It seems as if the national love of granite has somehow bypassed the Big Apple in favor of old, worn-out materials that do nothing for the appearance and value of an apartment.

Granite Kitchen Countertops
Of course, most landlords are understandably looking to save money like everyone else. But cutting corners on materials in vital areas of a home can mean losing tenants seeking a tastefully decorated, beautiful retreat from the bustle of the city. Granite gives the impression of walking into a home rather than a temporary place to live.

When a potential renter walks into an apartment, the kitchen is one of the first rooms they notice. Most renters are looking for an attractive, functional place in which to cook meals and entertain guests, even if the kitchen is small. Granite offers an instant “wow factor” that you just can’t get with run-of-the-mill countertop materials

Granite Countertops for the Bathroom
One of the many benefits of granite is its long life span. Granite countertops almost never need to be replaced, unlike many cheaper materials. Carpets and tile floors may come and go, but installing granite counter tops means at least one household feature will last forever.

Granite offers an instant upgrade to kitchens, and it’s equally effective in bathrooms. Tiny bathrooms with drab fixtures may not be unexpected in New York apartments, but a granite countertop adds an element of surprise. Fortunately, small bathrooms also mean less countertop space, so outfitting a bathroom sink in granite can cost surprisingly little.

It’s easy to see why granite countertops offer an impressive return on investment. They’re eye-catching and impart a sense of quality and luxury to any apartment. Granite is incredibly durable, making it an ideal way to upgrade kitchens and bathrooms. Landlords are sure to appreciate never having to replace countertops between tenants. The shortage of granite countertops in NYC apartments means that rentals boasting this amazing material will stand out in a sea of dull, outdated kitchens and bathrooms across the city.

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