Great Guitar Accessories

Those who are serious about their guitars will ensure they have the very best for them, whether that is for taking care of them or to play them. There are a number of things that make for a better experience with your Rickenbacker axe and here are a few we’d advise you to look into.


The humidifier is an essential, especially for those who have an expensive acoustic guitar. These are easy to use and prevent many of the most major problems people experience with guitars such as lifted bridges and other similar humidity and cold related problems. The humidifier is especially good for the winter in colder northern European countries. The humidifier is simply wet and placed inside the sound hole and only needs to be refilled weekly generally. It’s inexpensive but a great way to ensure your guitar is cared for.


A good tuner is a worthy investment for those who have invested in an acoustic or electric guitar such as a Rickenbacker or a Fender. Though there are cheap ways to tune, you need a tuner for pitch perfect sounds. The tuner should be electric and if you can why not try a pedal tuner for an electric guitar such as a Rickenbacker. These tune quickly and efficiently and are very useful for live play.


A good stand is also a great way to ensure your guitar is catered for and is worth its weight in gold. Cheaper stands can cause marks and just aren’t ideal. They also look great if you have a number of guitars and can place them on a number of walls in your home. They also keep them up and away from dogs and children, this makes all the difference.

Good Strings

The more you invest in strings the more you get from them. Coated strings are often the best and come with good coatings and are also super light. These factors allow them to ring to a truer degree and ensure the sound better and also feel more natural. Martin makes some great pairs of these strings.


The capo is also a necessity and you want one that delivers the perfect amount of weight or pressure on the strings of your Rickenbacker electric or acoustic guitar. This can be a bit of a trial and error process, but it’s worth taking the time to find the right capo that works for you. There are a number of them out there so take your time and use a trial and error technique.

Gold Cables

Gold is a great insulator and so ideal for cables. Good guitar cables make all the difference to the sound of your amp and the guitar. If you have purchased a good electric guitar like a Rickenbacker then they deserve good leads and a good amp to make the most out of them. Simple and high quality leads are usually the best option.
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