Great Ideas For Your Children’s Birthday Party

Having a baby is one of the most memorable things that will ever happen to a parent and watching that baby grow and change is even more fulfilling. Your life will be filled with precious moments and many of those unique moments will take place over special occasions such as birthdays. Your children’s birthday is an important day and as we know kids to be, it’s just as important and exciting to them. Many parents lead very busy lives and do not have the time for many important things. If you are one of these busy parents but still want to throw your child a birthday party that they will immensely enjoy and remember, then read on, we will give you some great children’s birthday party ideas.

Great Children’s Birthday party Ideas

For Your Little Girl

A tea party or a mad hatter’s tea party

Many little girls love playing ‘tea party’ surrounded by their imaginary friends and tea sets. If your child is one of these little girls, then why not throw a children’s birthday party that is totally tea party themed. Let your little girl get all dressed up in a pretty dress with all the jewellery she wants and have a tea party themed children’s birthday party. Apart for the array of dressed up little  girls at the birthday party, set up small tables and chairs in the garden under a shady tree, decorate the tables with all things girly and let them have their own real life tea party with plastic, tiny china cups with lukewarm tea and a whole lot of cakes and cupcakes. If your little girl is a fan of Alice In Wonderland movies, then why not make your children’s birthday party into a mad hatters tea party with crazy hats and sentiments from the movie. Include all the loveable characters from Alice In Wonderland and the invites and entertainment options are endless for your children’s birthday party.

For your little Boy

A superhero party or a pirate themed party

A little boy’s dream differs considerably from that of a girl’s; they are all about action, cops and robbers and more recently, superheroes. A superhero themed, children’s birthday party is an incredibly fun one with the ideas endless. Let you little boy dress up in his favourite superhero outfit as well as his friends and maybe even get dad or one of the other parents to dress up as one too and give the kids a show. Alternatively another great children’s party idea is a pirate themed birthday. Apart from dressing up as a pirate, this children’s birthday party can have fun entertainment and games such as a treasure hunt to boot.
Jemma Scott is a mom who enjoys giving advice on many child related topics from birthday parties to organic baby clothing.