Great Items Available From The Bibi Bijoux Jewellery Collection

Bibi Bijoux produce hand-crafted items of jewellery including earrings, necklaces, bracelets and cuffs. The company is well known for their use of bright colors and the variety of styles that they offer.
Bibi Bijoux uses gems and pears from around the world as well as Swarovski crystals. Bibi Bijoux use high quality materials and manufacture items on demand, and because they are created by hand, no pieces are exactly the same. Their aim is to produce beautiful pieces of jewellery that satisfy customers in every aspect.

The company was originally named ‘Bibi Alhaja Bijoux’ and was later shortened to Bibi Bijoux. Two sisters began the company in 1999 with the aims of creating a different and new range of jewellery designs.
Based in the Netherlands, what started as a small family business has now developed into a larger brand that sells internationally. The company has successfully traded for 13 years yet their collection designs remain fresh and stylish.
Bibi Bijoux offer a large variety of earrings for all occasions! One example is the ‘Gold Crystal Drop Earrings’. A Swarovski crystal is held in a gold casing, which dangles on a gold chain. The chain falls from a golden stud with an unusual pointed design. These chic and elegant earrings would be ideal for a classy event such as a ball or even on your wedding day.
If you’re looking for something a little more casual but still just as interesting and eye catching, Bibi Bijoux have also created ‘Winged Heart and Crystal Drop Earrings’. Four charms, including 2-drop Swarovski crystals set in silver, (one longer than the other) dangle from a hoop earring. These great earrings are simple yet fashionable and are definitely a good investment.
The Bibi Bijoux necklace range is vast and beautiful. The ‘Filigree Heart Necklace’ boasts a gorgeous chain made of large silver balls. 3 charms hang in the centre of the chain; a filigree heart is the largest of the 3, followed by a solid silver heart and a charm made up of Swarovski crystal elements.
A ‘Turquoise Buffalo Skull Necklace’ is also available. The design includes a mixed tulip and belcher chain with numerous charms hanging off including a buffalo head set with clear Swarovski crystal elements.
The bracelets in the Bibi Bijoux collection make for great gift items. The ‘Double Heart Bracelet’ is composed of two chains; one made up of linked hearts and the other made up of linked steel tubes. The linked hearts includes a larger dangling heart and the tubes hold numerous charms dispersed at different points.
The great thing about this bracelet is its versatility; it can be worn as separate bracelets, together or with other Bibi Bijoux bracelets!
It is clear to see that a lot of time and care goes into creating each piece in the Bibi Bijoux jewellery collection. These hand-made designs include crystals as well as charms and are made to a high standard. The stylish and trendy designs are delicate and overall great; the ideal gift!
Article by Natalie Moody
Image credit: MyVioletHill.