Great Places Outside London To Find A Property

When it comes to finding properties within the United Kingdom, many people’s immediate choice will naturally be to look in London; after all it is the capital. However, property prices in London are high and on the rise. Add that to the fact that jobs are hard to come by in the capital and a higher cost of living in London in comparison to other parts of the United Kingdom and it becomes clear that seeking a property elsewhere may be the wiser choice. There are a number of fantastic other places to live in throughout Britain and here are but a few.


Most known for its world prestigious university, Cambridge certainly has a lot to offer prospective property buyers. Firstly, house prices are averaged approximately £100,000 cheaper than London’s.

Cambridge is also relatively near to the capital, which will suit those still looking to enjoy some of their time in London. The centre of the town is incredibly picturesque, containing many historic buildings.

The city also boasts a range of technology and science parks, museums and of course, the infamous and beautiful university buildings, with some of which being there as early as the 13th century.

With a low crime rate and excellent schools also, Cambridge is a fantastic place to live within the United Kingdom.


Some may deem it injustice to mention the niceties of living in Cambridge without also including Oxford, for the two cities have been in rivalry for centuries on end. Oxford is of course another great university town in the United Kingdom.

Beautiful architecture, low crime, lots of culture and excellent public transport sounds like the ideal city and it is therefore injustice to regard Oxford as an alternative to London; for London should be an alternative to Oxford some may argue!

The great rental yield Oxford boasts makes it a dream for those looking for a property on a budget. House prices are averaged higher than Cambridge’s but still nonetheless cheaper than London’s considerably.


While house prices in Hertfordshire can be as high as those in London, they are on average nonetheless cheaper. The real perk Hertfordshire brings is the closeness of the region to Greater London, with it being no more than a twenty minute drive away.

In fact, it is so close to London that it is still considered to be a part of the capital and boasts excellent transport links to London.

A low crime rate, with some fantastic schools and a tranquil country vibe, Hertfordshire is a great place to live.

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Michael Stuarts is a freelance British writer and property developer.