Great Presents For New Borns

The arrival of a new child into the world is one of the greatest occasions for all families and friends of the proud parents. New additions to the human race bring an element of hope and belief among old and young alike. Marking this special occasion is a must and there are a number of wonderful ways to do so.


Planting a tree, such as an oak, is a great way to mark the birth of a child. Watching the tree grow as the child does can be something of an inspiration and something that brings back strong memories. You can always germinate the seed and grow the tree from the very beginning yourself if you have the knowhow and a quick look at a YouTube video is always good for amateurs. However, you can also purchase a small sapling when the time comes and plant it when the child is born. This may give the tree a head start and it might not be suitable for the depths of winter, if that’s the case a December birthstone or something to that effect should work.

December Birthstone

The December birthstone nowadays comes in a range of different kinds of stone. In fact the December birthstone seems to be constantly changed and added to and this has happened as late as 2002. Originally, like all Birthstones the December birthstone came from Jewish culture. In this day and age there are a number of stones classed as December birthstones, including bloodstone, ruby, lapis and lazuli among others which are considered December birthstones.

Christening Tankards

These are also very common among the Christian religions and usually made of pewter are seen as one of the oldest new-born baby presents. Pewter tankards are often engraved with the baby’s name and some other information and then given to the parent of the child as a gift for the new born. They often come with a range of different sorts of engravings, from Celtic to brass and are a beautiful present for small children.

Teddy Bears

An old fashioned teddy bear is always a great gift for babies and unlike December birthstones, or tankards they’ll also get a lot of fun from it in time and it may even become their favourite teddy bear. These gifts are the perfect addition to those who want to give a child something they will love for a long time. There are numerous high end teddy bear manufacturers who are renowned for creating the best of these toys for hundreds of years. These can be the perfect gift for your friend’s small one when the time comes.

Of course, popular characters from Disney films and other teddy bears or soft toys also do the job and children will love them in the long run too.

No matter what you decide to buy to mark this special day, there’s plenty available out there to keep your little ones and their little ones happy.

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