Green Entertainment Proposes A New Direction

This article addresses those people who are searching for entertainment options that are a lot different from what the vast majority of people actually understand when saying, “Let’s have some fun!” The truth is that now, you may go far beyond earth hour by simply opting for some great green technologies that can help you to complete different activities, which relate to green entertainment. What is green entertainment? Green entertainment actually relates to a position that many people tend to adopt these days. This position links to using green equipment in order to sustain different entertainment activities or to completing specific green projects in order to have some fun while saving our planet.

Discover How to Have Fun with Green Technology Projects


The truth is that entertainment is a wide concept that relates to a variety of activities. This concept actually gathers those events, actions, and activities that aim to amuse, entertain or stir the interest of a person or an audience. The person or audience may play a passive or an active role. If you intend to have some fun while completing different green technology projects, you will most probably play an active role. In this case, green entertainment relates to choosing and completing specific green technology projects. Obviously, you need to possess that right skills and a little bit of knowledge in order to do this. If you possess all these and also love different do-it-yourself projects, you will definitely enjoy the rest of this article.

The Green Technology Delivers Great Green Entertainment Ideas

If you are one of those people who love everything that relates to green technologies, you should put your enthusiasm to good use and start checking the following do-it-yourself green projects. Are you feeling creative? If yes, then you should show it.

  • Photovoltaic Cells: These days, you can find a variety of do-it-yourself projects that you can use in order to build your own photovoltaic cells. These cells can help you to use sunlight to generate electricity. These projects are not only fun but also very useful because they can help you to get the necessary electricity to complete specific tasks, including those that relate to various entertainment alternatives.


  • Wind Turbine: You can locate a series of wonderful and fun do-it-yourself projects that teach you how to make your own wind turbine from different natural materials, such as wood. These projects give you all the details that you need in order to build a durable and fully functional wind turbine that can help you to replace a part of the electricity that you need for running different home appliances.
  • Windmeter: If you wish to create a wind turbine, it is important to build a windmeter, also referred to as anemometer, first. This device can help you to measure the wind speeds so that you can decide whether constructing a wind turbine in your area is auspicious or not. The informative materials that explain you how to build a windmeter offer complete information with regard to required skills, supplies, assembly, and many others. Obviously, building your first windmeter can deliver a lot of fun.
  • Micro-Hydro Generator: The projects that teach you how to build micro-hydro generators are really great especially because they are very complex. However, it is essential to know that these projects are meant for people who take green energy seriously. This means that although these projects are great entertainment options for any amateur who loves science, the person, who intends to complete such projects, should never take them lightly.

These are several do-it-yourself green energy projects that you can find these days. There are many other alternatives that can help you to discover some wonderful entertainment options while making a great and “green” statement. Some of these options include making a greenhouse from plastic bottles, creating a coffee table from magazines, constructing a planner from trash, building a hamster-powered charger for cell phones, and many others.

All these do-it-yourself projects are definitely some really wonderful green entertainment ideas that allow you to have fun, discover new skills, and create something useful. Now, you should start looking for some truly great do-it-yourself projects that are ready to test your creativity, knowledge and skill levels. Regardless of the projects that you intend to select, you have to make sure that their eco-friendly features represent the most essential characteristics. After all, the role of any green entertainment ideas is to help us to save our wonderful planet.


Endre R. is a green tech blogger and sustainability advocate. He is also a freelance writer in various topics on environmental issues, writing for Rayotec, a UK based company providing electric underfloor heating services and solar panels. You can read his rants on Twitter.