Green Transportation in Metropolises Around the World

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Cities of the future will have to address the transportation problem in smart and eco-friendly ways. Affordable and efficient transportation systems are already needed in large cities around the world. 7 billion people on our planet use transportation on the daily basis to get to work and back, to go shopping and run errands. Some cities are more effective in managing the urban transportation congestion than others. There are various approaches to the existing problem.

Green transportation – Shutterstock

A Single Solution?

Transportation problem is a global issue. It cannot be solved in one day. There is no universal solution for this incredibly important issue. You cannot convince everyone to give up their cars and start using bikes. Decision makers cannot just concentrate on the use of electronic cars. This complex problem deserves a complex approach. It seems that only evolutionary changes could cause a stable impact.

Idealists believe that bikes, high speed rail and commuting can solve most of the transportation problems. This approach may be applicable for certain cities, but it can be completely useless for areas with no proper infrastructure or rural areas where you cannot give up using your car.

Drive Less

When I lived in Cairo I was forced to drive a car as the city doesn’t have an effective system of public transportation. Therefore, there was no such option to drive less. Forcing people to use their cars less is a very difficult task. It would be effective in densely populated urban areas, but would be useless in rural parts.

Cities of the future should have more bike lanes and well-planned sidewalks. Convenient and well-designed bus transits, high speed rail systems and subways would also encourage people to use public transportation more. Taxation and high parking prices have already forced many Europeans to use their cars less and less.

There is no doubt that public transportation is a cheaper way to get around. People should slowly switch to using hybrid and electronic cars that cause less harm to the environment.

Bike More!

If cities want people to bike more, they need to create the necessary infrastructure. According to experts from Common Ground, bike-sharing services also increase the chances of people using bikes on a regular basis. Electric bikes are great for covering long distances, as people in weaker physical shape can also use them. These solutions will give an additional push to grow the city’s cycling community.

Other Alternatives?

New forms of public transportation emerge every day. Urban planner Michael McDaniel has designed a system of urban gondolas to avoid the narrow roads and any traffic on the ground. His idea is to connect different neighborhoods through a network of gondolas. This concept has the potential to become one of the most efficient solutions to existing transportation problems in cities like New York. The designer believes that the cost of his project will be lower than building a system of high speed rails and new subway sections. Not only it offers a low cost solution, but also gives a chance for people to enjoy the view.