Guide To Shopping In Vienna

Shopping throughout the streets of Vienna is one of the most popular activities to experience when visiting Austria. From high-end boutiques to quaint shops and markets, Vienna has it all. Visitors will find great values on fashion brands that they have come to know and love. These are some of the top places to visit for shopping and are must-sees when visiting Vienna.

Naschmarkt is one of Vienna’s largest markets with over 500m of retail stores, fruit and vegetable stands, meat markets, cheeses and so much more. The western end of Naschmarkt near Kettengasse is where visitors will find fun and exotic foods that can be hard to find elsewhere. Middle Eastern specialties such as falafel stands and kebabs can be found throughout the market place. Towards the eastern end, shoppers can purchase unique and trinkets, beautiful fabrics, jewellery and more.

The Old City
No trip to Vienna is complete without a visit to the Old City. The old city is home to many boutiques and high end fashion designers. Chic fashion apparel can be found here for the whole family. The latest fashion trends in France, Japan, London, the United States and many other international designers can be found here.

Brunnenmarkt is another one of Vienna’s largest street markets. This market place truly represents the ethnicity of the area. Many vendors that open up shop at Brunnenmarkt are of Turkish or Balkan descent. Take a stroll down the streets and browse through the wide selection of apparel, trinkets and accessories. This is also the place to go to find fresh and delicious produce. After a long day of shopping, why not take a break and enjoy a meal at one of the fabulous kebab houses.

Unlike other markets in Vienna, Flohmarkt is the place to find antiques and other unique collectible items. Flohmarkt can be found at the south-western end of the Naschmarkt. Vendors throughout the market sell goods such as books, carpets, ornaments, children’s toys, postcards and so much more. This market gives off the atmosphere that most Eastern Europe markets produce.

Wein & Co
Stop by Wein & Co during your Vienna trip for a wide selection of the finest New World and European wines. The bargains are great and the wine is delicious. Visit the wine bar for a drink during happy hours and enjoy a beautiful scenic view of Stephansdom.

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