Gun Safe Buying Guide

Gun Safe Buying Guide

If you own firearms, you should own a gun safe. It is as simple as that. This is a rule of gun safety that you must and should follow, especially if you have children.

Here are a few of the many key points that you need to evaluate before investing on a gun safe. With these pointers, you will be able to make an informed decision and buy yourself one of the best gun safes on the market.

Size- Whether you are buying your first gun safe or looking for an upgrade, it is important for you to pick the right size. Apart from the fact that your safe should hold the guns you own, it also needs to fit where you want it to. While some people do not mind their gun safe sitting in their living room, others may wish to keep it, out of sight. Measure the spot you wish to install the gun safe and then the gun safe itself. Be sure to measure the width, depth and height. Some of the pointers to bear in mind include:

  1. Does the depth of the safe you intend to buy, include the handle? The advertised depth need not necessarily include the handle and combination lock.
  1. Is your safe thin or heavy and does it need to be anchored down? The thinner safes tend to lean forward when its doors are opened. And, hence it makes sense to bolt it down if you can.

Weight- Is your small gun safe heavy enough? This is a point that many people tend to overlook. A light gun safe is unlikely to deter burglary. If you have a tight budget and cannot go over a 300 pound safe, it is best that you bolt it down. A safe that weights at least 500 pounds will give you years of service and a burglar a tough time hauling it out.

Lock Type- If you are buying a large gun safe that will also double as a locker, then be sure to install an electronic lock on it. Most W safes today have electronic locks on them. Manual locks are vulnerable targets to burglary.

Bolting it down- While you can most certainly bolt down a gun safe that is thin and light, it is better you invest in a heavy gauge gun safe. Most houses today are built with post tension slab nowadays, and unless you want to invite foundation issues, it is best you do not drill into the concrete foundation of your home. You can save yourself the trouble of repairs by simply buying a really heavy safe that does not need to be bolted down for security.

Check if the safe has enough room- This is yet another crucial factor to bear in mind while buying a gun safe. Make sure you buy a gun safe that has enough room to store the guns you own and the guns you plan to buy. This will save you the additional cost of buying a new safe when you run out of space.

Fire Rating- This is a rather personal preference, but can be important for some buyers. If you live in a place where there is a fire hazard, you may want to check the fire rating of the safe before buying.

These are few of the most important considerations you must bear in mind before you buy yourself a gun safe. Also, be sure to read up gun safe reviews and check with friends and family as to which is a reliable brand that can give you years of service. Remember, a gun safe is an important asset, especially if you own guns.