Guns in Movies are Just ‘Entertainment’, says Arnold Schwarzenegger

Guns in Movies are Just 'Entertainment', says Arnold Schwarzenegger

United States has become the haven for dozens of mass killings by teenagers, coming out in open on the streets with guns in their hands loaded with bullets. They go on a killing spree, killing innocent people coming on their way, without any fear of the law in their mind. One such latest addition in these kinds of incidents is the brutal school shooting at Newtown, killing many innocent children and people.

The Californian ex-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, expressed his deep concern over the recent shootout in Newtown. While on the spree to promote his upcoming action-packed movie, ‘The Last Stand’, Schwarzenegger said that he does not notice any relation between the outbreak of the rising violence in various parts of the country and the show of violent scenes in his movies.

The ex-governor, who is returning to the silver screen as a lead character in the upcoming flick of  ‘The Last Stand’ , after an 8-year long service period as the governor of California, was speaking to the reporters at an even hosted in Beverly Hills while on a promotional spree for his latest film. He was reported saying that the nature of violence taking part in the real world must be kept separate with those shown for just entertainment.

This latest Hollywood flick is full of action and is a continuation of the series of action-oriented flicks that had eventually made Schwarzenegger an action super hero and a well-known figure among the audience. The NRA chief Mr. Wayne LaPierre cited that these types of entertainment films, especially the gun-filled ones, have largely contributed to the recent tragic incident of shooting at Newtown, which had led to loss of innumerable innocent lives.

In this movie, Schwarzenegger is playing the role of a cop of a town at the border of Arizona, who has been entrusted with the task of stopping a Mexican goon from crossing the border and entering into Mexico through illegal means. The film is co-starred by Johnny Knoxville. The flick is directed by famous South Korean director Jee-Woo Kim. The film is having loads of gun battling scenes of Schwarzenegger and extensive shootouts, featuring sophisticated and high tech guns and weapons.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, while on his way to campaign for his governor’s election in 2003, took a soft stance by saying that he batted for controlling guns, as also closing the loopholes, which were responsible for allowing purchase of the firearm without getting proper background verification. On this recent shooting incident, he made his stand clear by saying that whenever a tragedy of such magnitude occurs, it would not be very wise to look into the ways regarding what anybody could do for upholding the spirit of the society and improve such a situation, reducing the risks involving those kinds of serious issues. He also added that nothing better could be done or achieved by altering the laws related to guns. The loopholes to the law need to be analyzed and dealt with seriousness.

The ex-Californian governor also blamed lack of concern and poor parenting by the parents for their offspring, as contributors in such heart pounding incidents.