Hacks For Picking Rosewood Furniture

1 Check the scientific name, Latin name, purity, content of auxiliary material and splint wood in contract. Rosewood furniture can be divided into pure rosewood furniture, furniture with main part made of rosewood, rosewood coated furniture, and mixed type rosewood furniture. There should be no auxiliary material and splint wood on collected pure rosewood furniture.

2 Choose standard manufacturer and well-known brand which provide formal contract, product commitment letter and so on.

3 Ask professional or friends knowing about rosewood furniture for help when shopping rosewood furniture or send it to quality testing department to test its quality.

4 Customer also can use the method of traditional Chinese medicine when picking rosewood furniture – watch, listen, ask, touch.

Watch: it is a universal knowledge that we cannot judge a person by its appearance. But this rule does not suit for furniture. Appearance matters a lot when choosing furniture. Details tell us a lot. So pay attention to carving, workmanship of rosewood furniture. There are three methods to identify the workmanship of rosewood furniture:

Firstly, from carving: carving is an important part for carved furniture. Carving method can be divided into embossment, deep embossment, hollow engraving, single layer carving, two-layer carving, multilayer carving, full carving, half carving and so on. No matter which carving method it belongs to, it should have find and smooth producing technique, skillful cutting method. Machine carving is stiff, shallow in carving surface.

Secondly from structure: there would be no redundant part in rosewood furniture with perfect shape. Every part has its function – no matter it is for decoration or fastness.

Thirdly, from workmanship: mortise and tenon joint should be firm and coordinate with each other perfectly. For saving cost, some manufacturers may use nail in load bearing part. This will affect the service life of rosewood furniture. Customer can test whether nail is used by using metal tester.

Listen: knock the panel to listen its voice. You can know the thickness of panel by listening to its voice. The voice will be hollow if the panel is thin. On the contrary, the voice will be solid when the panel is thick. There is one thing customer should pay attention to is that the material inside the furniture may not be rosewood. It is not easy to identify. But you can identify scentedrose wood and mahogany by smelling.

Ask: ask salesman about the details of rosewood furniture: material, origin, aftersales service, warranty etc. If the furniture uses other material, ask which part is made of rosewood. In a word, ask all the questions you can think about the furniture and add important part in contract.

Touch: touch the furniture to check its finish degree, hand feeling, and technological level. Except touching the surface of furniture, some hidden areas like bottom board, drawer board should also be included.