Hadoop Retains Its Command On The Big Data Industry

Hadoop Retains Its Command On The Big Data Industry

It is a well-known fact that 90% of all the world’s data has been created in this decade. It will be unknowledgeable to claim that the practice of data analytics is new; using data driven insights to optimize decisions is an age old concept. Now that the amount of data generated in every single moment has increased so manifold from so many sources, we have got big data. And the need to tackle this unprecedented amount of information Hadoop came into being.

Ever since Hadoop Distributed File System has revolutionized the idea of data storage, Hadoop skills have been in demand. So much so that it is one of the most mentioned big data skills on most job portals. Hadoop is a software suit that has a range of tools useful for tackling big data problems. HDFS and Map Reduce are among the most used Hadoop tools. It solves the problem of storage and pulls off some analytical jobs pretty well too. With the advent of Spark and the increasing popularity of Cloud Computing, Hadoop might have lost its popularity a tad bit among the new enterprises. But it has been an integral part of so many gigantic analytics operations over the decade that one cannot just wipe it off or even take away its profits.

The market for Hadoop has grown quite simultaneously with that of big data through the years. What really matters though is the fact that Hadoop skills are still sought after and highly paid for. A study claims that Hadoop skills can increase your salary by 10% on an average.

The Indian market for big data analytics is still in its growing phase. It is currently growing at a commendable CAGR of 27%. The most robustly growing part, quite naturally, is big data analytics. Of the around 10,000 data oriented jobs that are annually being created in India the largest chunk consists of big data jobs. Hadoop skills are naturally in demand in India. The market for big data analytics is the strongest in Delhi and the NCR. Bangalore is growing fast and gaining on Delhi but the capital still remains on the top, creating a large number of jobs for both fresh and experienced candidates. Best Hadoop training in Delhi is exceptionally popular because of the simple fact that it gets one a better chance at employment or an increment.

Hadoop training may take place on various levels. Before enrolling for a certain course one must keep a Keen eye on what is happening in the industry. If you are already employed and know exactly what you need to step forward, the job is easy. But for one who is still without any industry experience, choosing a course might be tricky at times. Understand the trends; don’t jump for what has run the market for the last few years but go for what may run the industry for the next few years.