Halloween’s on it’s way

It’s that time of year again! Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s time to start preparing. Since this holiday involves plenty of candy, decorations and spooky fun, it’s the perfect opportunity for family fun. Here are some fun and family-friendly ways to enjoy the season.

Carve pumpkins together

Like clockwork every year, pumpkins start appearing in the market in the early weeks of autumn. Buy a few and get started carving! You can plan a special evening after school or on a weekend when the whole family can carve pumpkins together. Spread out some newspaper on the floor, get a few carving knives and spoons, and carve. Since sharp instruments are involved, smaller children may need help, so be prepared to supervise and take over if necessary. Younger siblings may need to do more designing and less carving, but an older child can at least scoop the seeds out and carve a smile. Set up your jack o’lanterns on the porch or near the door.

Host a party

In the last week of October, many people choose to have Halloween themed parties, often in addition to Halloween night’s trick-or-treating ventures. Get in on the fun by throwing your own event! You can keep it kids-only or invite parents for a family-friendly get-together. Serve autumn-themed drinks and cookies, perhaps assembled by the kids, and play spooky games for a lively, festive evening.

Make costumes

In the days leading up to Halloween, help your kids prepare their costumes. First, ask each kid what they would like to dress up as, and then brainstorm with them on designs and materials. Then, head to your local craft store to buy fabric and supplies. Some parents design the costumes themselves, while others purchase a kit with all of the materials included. Alternatively, if sewing isn’t your preferred creative outlet, you can order children’s Halloween costumes online. Or, let your kids take the lead and make the costumes themselves.

Set boundaries early on

Halloween has a reputation for being over-the-top, particularly in terms of candy consumption. If you don’t want to deal with kids who are stuck on a perpetual sugar high, make sure to clarify your rules beforehand. Have a talk with your kids about how much candy they are allowed to eat in one sitting and at what time, such as after dinner or for a small snack in the afternoon. Most kids will try to push beyond your boundaries, but if the rules are clear before the kids set off for trick-or-treating, then battles afterward will most likely be shorter. These rules will also help avoid upset tummies from overindulgence.

What are your favorite ways to celebrate Halloween? Leave us a note in the comments below!