Harley Sportster Saddlebags- Ideal For High School Teachers And Academics

When Julia Roberts enacted the role of an anarchistic, revolutionary college lecturer in Mona Lisa Smile,the bicycle in which she carries her accessories caused great uproar amongst the audience. It is an irrefutable fact that aspiring high school teachers and academics need to carry certain accessories in order to fulfill their daily needs. In terms of luggage capacity and long-term durability, Harley sportster saddlebags transcend all other motorcycle bags. Listed below are some of the features of these bags that make them ideal for academics and other educationalists.

1.      Universal Fitting
With the economic slump intensifying on a regular basis, it will probably be some time before you can afford to buy a branded motorcycle. However, you need not own a lavishly designed bike to buy exquisitely fashioned sportster saddlebags.
Each of these bags has a plastic reinforced lid that enhances durability and will protect your belongings from suffering the after effects of shock or impact. Thus, teachers who want to enliven a particularly boring subject can easily accommodate informative CDs regarding historical events or scientific facts etc.
2.      Completely Waterproof
Art instructors and biology or physics teachers that deal with demonstrative projects need a water resistant bag to carry both their as well as their students’ models. Therefore, the water resistant surface of Harley sportster bags makes them ideal for safe storage of various art models and science projects. You can also adjust projects made from crepe paper in these bags and rest assured that your beloved individual or group projects will not get ruined by rain or snow.
3.      Spacious Interior Mesh Pocket
For academics who are assigned a dual role, the spacious interior mesh pocket will be highly feasible for the safekeeping of their additional accessories such as swimming cap, bathing suit or an extra pair of athletic shorts etc. The vented interior surface of saddlebags for Harley sportster will prevent these accessories from getting damp or moist.
4.      Rot-Resistant Stitching and Rust Proof Chrome Buckles
The end of term is not only stressful for students but is nerve-wrecking and immensely exhausting for the teachers/lecturers as well. Grading papers, checking innumerable term papers and/or serving as an advisor for a dissertation project are some of the overwhelming responsibilities that have to be addressed by a teacher. Time therefore, becomes a precious commodity for such academics. Luckily, saddlebags for sportster have rust resistant, quick release buckles that literally result in no time wastage thereby adding to the convenience of high school teachers and college lecturers.
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