Has Google Drive Been A Success?

Not a new idea

Google Drive is Google’s foray into the already crowded “cloud storage” market. Google has wanted to get into different online service markets for a while now, and Google Drive is just one of many new Google products such as Google Plus. Drive is meant to replace Google’s somewhat popular documents application, otherwise known as Google Docs. So why should Google step into a market that is already dominated by more established heavy weights such as Dropbox, iCloud and Microsoft SkyDrive? Well, for the same reason that Google is trying to step into the social media market. Google wants to create a total online experience, so that its users can get everything that want online from Google first.


The best reason for using Google Drive is integration. Google Drive will allow you to move and connect with anything you’ve already shared through a Google account. So all of the files in your Gmail account will move seamlessly to Google Drive. Google Drive also supports mobile applications, meaning you will be able to take all of your files with you everywhere you go. Seems like it could be pretty useful! Google Drive is free for up to 25 GB of storage space, which is pretty significant. After that, the price per month increases steadily, with $ 2.49 per month for over 25 GB, $4.99 per month for 100GB of storage and $49.99 a month for the seldom seen Terabyte.

Problems with Drive

As with all new services, Google Drive has its share of set-backs. For starters, Google Drive doesn’t allow you to edit documents on their servers. So unlike Google Docs, where you could edit and change documents while keeping them saved, you will have to manually download each document and change its format before you’re able to make changes. This takes time and effort and makes Google Drive a little less appealing. But it’s still not a feature that other services offer, so Google isn’t exactly behind the competition here.

Try it out

Google Drive is a relatively new service with the potential to fill your storage needs. It offers a pretty big storage space for still being free(up to 5 GB), which is bigger than most free storage spaces online. Google Drive has pretty good integration with other Google services and is good on connectivity and applications. I’d advise anybody with mobile storage needs to check it out, it can definitely be an upgrade over that old flash drive. 

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