Have Fun With Storage Solutions

As apartments and houses become smaller or cosier to maximise space on blocks or in buildings, space inside the home gets more and more difficult to find. There are only so many boxes that can be shoved into a cupboard, only so many pots and pans to fit into a drawer. So, rather than having cluttered space or even having to give up some of your belongings, why not have a bit of fun with storage solutions in your home? Take a look at these three storage suggestions.

Stairway to Heaven

For those who live in a house or apartment with more than one storey, using the stairs as storage is the perfect solution. The stairs, you may be asking? First of all, underneath the stories is often the perfect space to create a storage area – a nook or cupboard to put boxes, cleaning materials, or – really, whatever you like in! But, there is another way to utilise your stairs. If you have stairs that are not full – that is, if they have space under each step, why not put a drawer in the space between each step? Your stairs will still look normal, and you will have much more space to store things in. This is another great one if you are beginning to build a house – why not put in stairs that have drawers already attached to them? Perfect!

Embrace your Shelf

The bonuses of great shelving in a house or apartment can never be spoken about enough. Shelves can be installed almost anywhere; your kitchen can always benefit from more shelving – above the stove, next to the fridge. Extra standalone shelves in bedrooms provide space for books, records, and any other bits and pieces. Also try to think about the spaces in your house that aren’t ‘set’ rooms – hallways, empty space, areas above or below cupboards can all be ideal spots to install some new shelves.

Contain Yourself

Containers, containers, containers. One of the best ways to use space effectively and to get all those bits and pieces that clutter the room out of the way is to use containers. They come in all different shapes and sizes, and not only are great for storing books, magazines, records, bits and bobs, clothes, and jewellery, but they can also add something a little funky to your house. Buying containers doesn’t mean only using the see-through type that generally end up in a cupboard or under the bed. Head to a homewares store and check out their collection: sometimes you can even end up adding something to the room!

Chloe works on behalf of Tradesales, a West Australian company offering storage systems and workplace storage solutions for the mining sector.